Invasion of privacy online – Journalism ethics and Law

Privacy is a sense of giving someone their physical and personal space, protecting themselves from unwanted access by strangers; but for someone to actually hide persistently from the public for no reason would actually cause more concern within the locals because they may be accused of being a ‘dodgy’ character. When it comes to the public sphere and private space, it always seems to be changing. “Up until 1998, English law provided no general protection against the disclosure of personal information in the form of a right of privacy,” (Saunders, K. 2003: 80) however, the internet has become a necessity for everyone and the public may voluntarily decide to forego privacy to engage in social networks, making online purchases and creating a personal blog. There is pressure towards people being redefined online, but it appears to be the centre of gossip and information. The World Wide Web would most certainly try to contain every bit of information the public needs. The public domain will always have a need for finding out information they should not know about; therefore invading privacy may be the only way to find out vital information for the public interest.


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