To Be Content

I can relate to this post. (Apart from the divorced bit. I haven’t got that far yet!) Staying single, strong and comfortable with my own company is important for me. To make me realise I don’t need to rely on a man for my happiness and security.

The Personal One

Yesterday my guy cousin’s friend asked me about dating since my divorce and how I’ve managed to stay single for this long. And if I missed having a guy around.

My response was so astounding that he made me repeat it over and over again until he wrote it down so he could tell it his friends.

When I first left my ex I was unhealthy and needy so because of that I was constantly searching for a replacement. I got into many unhealthy relationships that didn’t lead anywhere other then talking and a date or two. But other then that they ended as they should’ve.

Then I finally took the time out to do some soul searching and the work that I needed to do. See when you’re in an unhealthy relationship you spend all your time and energy focused on the relationship and trying to make it work…

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