Ways to feel positive and content – QUICK!

This is all from personal experience, no external influences…

You know those days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you have the bad kind of butterflies at the pit of your stomach, you feel like crying for no reason and the world is on your shoulders? Welcome to my world.

Even when you really think about it, there’s nothing seriously wrong with your life, so why do you feel this way? Well, whenever there is a problem, there’s almost always a solution. So here’s some ways to just SNAP OUT OF IT!

  • Driving – It’s amazing how much of a high you can get when you’re feeling content behind the wheel. You turn the music up, take in all your surroundings (without getting distracted and crashing of course) and you can actually enjoy a long drive home. When you are stressed, driving can become a chore. I have spilled out SO many emotions whilst driving – I have screamed so loud that my throat hurt, cried many tears, sang songs whilst crying, pretended I was famous and put on my best voice and suddenly thought I could become a rock star, did plenty of head banging that my neck ached and even started talking to myself…
  • Having a long, hot shower/bath – wash away all the negativities and even sing while you’re doing it! This is probably better if you’re home alone so you can really your heart out, unless your loved ones don’t mind of course!
  • Music – Listening to your favourite music to represent your mood. Even if it’s heavy metal or heart breaking ballads, whatever makes you release your feelings to help you unwind.
  • Reading – It’s good to get lost in a book, it will completely distract you from these negative feelings that surround you.
  • Cry it out – Scream into a pillow, let the tears flow. Sometimes a hard crying session can knacker you out and actually make you feel content, and perhaps wonder why you got so upset in the first place! Crying can sometimes help you think things through clearly once it’s all let out.
  • Cuddles – Whether it’s your partner (mine is non-existent), your pet, a friend, a colleague (not your boss) or a family member. A cuddle can always relax you. I’m currently cuddling my cat and my big toy dog Dugle, as I don’t live with my parents and my younger sister isn’t home. (I live with her.)
  • Talk it out – Phone someone who you know will understand your feelings, someone who won’t judge you. Make sure it’s not someone who could be affected by your feelings. For example, your unexplainable emotions could probably affect someone in a worse way, so don’t talk to someone who could end up turning it into an argument, especially if it’s about them. Sometimes it’s best to look after yourself and clear your head first, so you know exactly what the problem is.
  • Just get on with it – I am terrible when it comes to procrastination. The more things I push aside and say ‘I’ll do it later’ the more it builds up, the more stressed I become, and I end up not doing any of it! So whether it’s housework, application forms, writing a blog post..! – The best thing is to just get it done! It feels good even when it’s a small achievement, so always give yourself a pat on the back.
  • Surround yourself with smellies! – Spray everything with spa scents, or scents that relax you. From incense sticks, to Yankee Candles, to fabric sprays, to reed diffusers, to hanging up air fresheners.
  • Watch an epic film, or even a film you’ve never seen – A new film can help you concentrate on the plot instead of what’s going on in your head. You’re favourite film can make you feel content without you even knowing it! All of a sudden you’ve sunk into your sofa, with a cup of tea/glass of wine/hot chocolate, and have become so lost in this film that you’ve forgotten why you felt so crap in the first place! If it’s a sad film, then do what you think is best and cry, yet again. You’re human after all.
  • Make the most of the warm weather – Sit in the garden, take in that Vitamin D that Britain hardly ever sees. Go for a long walk and, even though I wouldn’t encourage you to bring technology along with you, this may be a good time to ring a loved one to have a nice chat, take photos of something you find inspiring or even listen to your favourite music to enhance your surroundings with a tune.
  • Write about it. 


Here are other ways to lead a happier, and more optimistic life. This list helped me a lot.

29 ways to come alive, and not just exist.

A paragraph taken from this link: “Enjoy the small things. This becomes easier when you slow down. There are so many small things happening all around that you may miss out on if you rush quickly to the next thing. So take the time and use your attention enjoy the small things. A long hug, a walk in the woods, a sunset or the full moon rising among so many stars in the night sky.”

Enjoying a good breakfast in the warm weather

Great shot of Minweenie! Excuse my reflection…





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