So here goes: Taking 20 minutes to unlock the mind and JUST WRITE!

So let the freestyle writing begin! This is scary stuff as I’m just going to publish what I’ve just written no matter what it is.

Can’t beat fresh bed sheets. Just thought I’d share that with you all, as I reckon you would agree with me on that one!

Currently wearing a peel off face mask where it looks like I’m a snake shredding my skin once I take it off! Fun stuff.

My big life plan right now is to become a successful journalist and then move to Australia in August 2015 to live and work there for 12-18 months with my Aussie family… *Christ I just did a massive sneeze!* Felt good. Anyway! I will be job hunting for Auz very soon but in the mean time I will carry on working once a week for the newspaper and 40 hours at the restaurant to just save!

I love Pokemon. Geek alert right there! I have always loved it since I can remember. Yes, I am 23. I live for the moment but I also live for the nostalgia. I still own all my Crash Bandicoot games and will never get rid of them! Other nostalgic moments are going to an airport and waiting to get on a plane. Me and my family always travel to a different destination around the world every year. I feel extremely privileged and grateful for that as travel and culture is a big passion. Songs you remember hearing and dancing to when you were little, visiting your home town, going shopping in the same place where you always shopped as a young teenager.

Because of my very fun anxiety sufferings, I always have to do lists that I need to complete, otherwise I overthink and will end up procrastinating and never getting anything done! I need to give myself a kick up the backside, switch my brain into positive mode, and just DO IT ALREADY! Like finally writing this blog post for example.

I am always full of energy, but eating a sleeping well is very important to me. I hate jogging, tried to get into it but never kept up with it. Perhaps I need to make a habit of it, to rid any hovering stress. God my feet are always cold even when I wear bed socks, how annoying, it’s practically summer for goodness sake!

I do love dancing and joining fitness clubs though. I will actually do it if there is a timetable and I’ve paid for it, otherwise I will feel guilty not attending. If it was out of my own free will to do exercise, there will indeed be pathetic excuses. I’m not fat don’t worry, I’m a healthy size 10! I need to take up yoga class actually… I love scented candles and bath salts and LUSH cosmetics. Anything with spa scents or even going to a spa itself is a favourite time to unwind. I will spend big bucks to go to quality spas.

I am about to catch up on the good old Made in Chelsea. This is a guilty pleasure of mine. I have many savings going on – Harlow College (which I will hopefully get sponsored for by the paper), Auz savings and my ISA savings for my future self which involved marriage, kids and a mortgage with my non-existent boyfriend. Need to be prepared after all!

I’m just blabbering on yada yada I love Lady Gaga! I’m seeing her in October and I can’t wait! Big fan. Still trying to find a decent keyboard to play, as I am Grade 5 piano and trying to get back into it.

I love my cat, she’s sitting by me on my bed, grooming her and looking pretty and vain as always. Beautiful Burmese cat who I love to bits, also my goldfish, finches, hamster. Also my two springer spaniels and parrot who are still at my parents. (I live with my younger sister now in my uncle and aunts house which we are renting for cheap while they are away. Long story.)

Starting my days off next week by heading back to London with friends and juts be tourists for the day! God I miss London after living there for three years during University in Roehampton. That time flew by so quickly!

Anyway my time is UP! It’s been exactly 20 minutes. I’m going to enjoy my hot Ribena. I never got round to changing my bed sheets so they are still fresh folded on the floor. Talk about not getting things done! I’ll do it tomorrow, I’m too comfortable to move now.

I’m not editing this one bit! Ciao for now! x



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