Escapism: A paradise view to remember.

Although my view is very enjoyable right now in the sunny garden with my cat sunbathing and my finches having a birdbath, my mind travels back to Mauritius back in April this year, to a beautiful view that is still fresh in my memory.

Going on a kayak was all included in our hotel deal (as well as fun waterskiing and small catamarans), so I took this opportunity whenever I could. It’s such an easy and simple way to escape to the calm ocean, and just take in everything you see on the island:

My sister and I kayaking out to sea

As you can see in this picture, I was rowing out to sea with my sister. Don’t be fooled by that large black cloud, it was sunny and beautiful everywhere else. My wonderful mother took the picture. However, my view was when I went out again, but completely alone.

Once I get far enough out to sea (not too far incase I get dragged away without realising), I scan the stretch of the small island. I always enjoy the view of palm trees, as you wouldn’t see any of these growing naturally in Britain – the sight of palm trees instantly puts me in holiday mode wherever I go. I see others in shallow waters getting on the catamarans ready to sail and explore. I spot another group grabbing a rush of adrenaline whilst waterskiing.

I look to my right and I spot a huge storm cloud gliding over the huge shadowy mountains in the background. The view was breathtaking, and I felt I could enjoy the sights of nature when there is nothing around me but water. Part of me wants to stay in the water and face the storm, but one lightning bolt and I would be gone. The heavy black clouds were heading over the the urban city to the far right of our resort, so I could continue enjoying the 29 degree heat of the glowing sun.

The heat on my skin gives me a huge dose of vitamin D, so I tilt my head back and take it in the rays. I happily splashed the cold refreshing water onto my legs and arms whenever I felt too warm. As I look over the side, I can see the water is shallow with coral and rocks, and small tropical fish were swimming around my boat.

As I continue taking in the scenery, I notice guests riding on horses along the beach – one large brown horse, one small white one. I then spot the horses taking a dip in the sea, this isn’t something I see every day!

Everything I see is filled with clarity. The sound of the rippling water around me, and the occasional sound of a speedboat is all I hear. A couple of small white square houses are scattered, I felt jealous if somebody lived there! Then again I ask myself, would I get bored here and would the novelty wear off in time? I feel this should still stay limited, as then it could still be called Escapism.

I felt at peace, inner and outer. At that moment in time all my worries and negativity drifted away from my mind and body. I’m not tense, just free. I take a slow breath in, then slowly release through a loud sigh. I rest my ore down in front of me, place both my feet either side of the boat so they dip in the cool water – and I sit there.

Concentration face!


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