Day #3: The three songs in my head that have meaning…Edit free!

So for this task I am not allowed to edit this post. I am taking extra care in writing now… The habit to correct y spelling is ridiculous. (my spelling! MY SPELLING!) NO deleting allowed here so here goes…

ELO (Electric Light Orchestra.) Mr Blue Sky:

I wish I lived in the 70’s, as well as all other generations I suppose! I wish I had a genie who could take me to each decade for a day. The history of music just helps us think that we lived through it all, without ever dying away. This song reminds me of my Dad and my younger years… I still sing along loudly and ghet goosebumps everytime thiss song plays.

ELO – Mr Blue Sky link 

This song was playing a lot in the Summer, whether it was in our living room or in our family car. This song also remains on my iTunes playlist. My Dad is a rock/70s/80s music fanatic, so I have been brought up listening to Black Sabbath, Prince, Simple Minds, David Bowie, Genesis, etc through extremely loud speakers. This song stays xlose to my heart, whilst thinking about a Summer’s Day roadtrip.

They don’[t play songs like this anymore, with different sections of the song that are equally at catchy as the other. This song also reminds me of the style of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. (Another legendary tune.)

From beginning to end, section to section, I’m singing aloud, full of nostalgia. Nearly crying at the end, during the piano solo these days. It uplifts me, fills me with positivity even on a shitty day. You can’t NOT tap your feet or nos your head to the beat, as well as smile a little – that is as discreet as you can get with this song. (These spelling mistakes are bugging me but I must keep going.)

So much thought and effort has been put into this song – hardly any computerised effects, just pure harmony. This is a clear example of a segment of the 70s generation – Peace, flares and hippies. This is me being stereotypical of course, as there are always many sides. (I am only 23 after all.)

Being British also makes this song a bit more special, as we hardly ever have sunny days. The novelty never wears off when the sun finally comes out, same as this tune – Mr Blue Sky will never be unwelcome.


Lady Gaga – Bad Romance: 

Now this is quite a contrast to ELO… This song equals INSTANT teenage years, drinking and clubbing lifestyle at University. I was 18 years of age, allowed to hit the clubs, and Bad Romance was the highlight on the dance floor. I have always been a HUGE famn of Lady Gaga, so whenever this came on, I turned on – in many ways.

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance Link

I was listening to this in the library, on the bus, between lectures, requesting it all the time at nightclubs – this song kept me going no matter what. It brought the dark side out of me, and it made me feel badass. At first I thought this song was really weird and it had to grow on me, but when the base line appeared, I was hooked.

When I saqw lady Gaga at Twickenham Stadium last year, the only song I started balling my eyes out to, was this song. It was her Born This Wayy Ball, so I didn’t expect her to play it, therefore when this came on through the ridiculously loud speakers, I was finished/ absolutely streaming. AND screaming.

I am seeing her this year for her ArtPop Ball Tour – so if she STILL plays Bad Romance, I will hyperventilate and vanish in a ball of tears.

I watched the video a number of times, nearly a thousand times is not exaggerating. I know the dance moves (because they are quite simple to be fair) and is still my most played song on iTunes. I will forever and always be a Little Monster. I also have Gaga on my iPhone background. #gagageek

This song will never stop filling me with adrenaline, and in the mood to PARTAAAAY!


This Land by Hans Zimmer:  An instrumental soundtrack in The Lion King.

We are going way back to my childhood years, where I used to watch The Lion King every single day after school. I still watch it now, and can’t get through it without crying. If anyone hasn’t seen the live show in London – what is wring with you? Wrong… WRONG!

This Land by Hans Zimmer Soundtrack

Who HASN’T seen this film? When I have a child, this is the FIRST thing I will be showing them.

The reason why I picked this specific piece in The Lion King is because it is a common background instrumental throughout the whole film. It reminds me of the big storm, when Rafiki draws Simba on the tree, when adult Simba does the huge roar at the very end, when Mufasa dies (oh god I don’t want to think about that) as well as the very happy ending. I like how this piece can be played through both the happy and sad moments.

I would also pick the Hans Zimmer piece ‘To Die For…’ which is also a Lion King soundtrack. But it is far too sad for me as it is the background music when the stampede occurs, and when Simba realises Mufasa is dead. This is not a winner as it just depresses me, even though it is a beautiful bit of music.

This film naturally brings me back to my African roots. I am half South African, and so proud of this. Everything South African reminds me of my mother and our loving family in Johannesburg. When I go to visit, the Safaris in JoBurg remind me of The Lion King, watching the beautiful quick sunrise and sunset reminds me of Lion King, the huge storms, the singing tribes – I could go on. This film and the music is a big part of my life, and brings me peace, nostalgia and the thought of family and travelling.


Apologuies for the spelling mistakes guys. This has frustrated me and I know I cannot delete or correct them. Task complete!


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