Day #4: The loss of a higher grade at University – Part 1.

In 2012, I graduated with a high 2:2 in Film and Journalism and News Media, BA Honours – with only 2 points away from a 2:1. This has had a rather large impact on my progress in life. I considered this a loss, and a halt on my career path.

I was already prepared to take on all these graduate schemes which would be the next chapter towards my career.  However, you needed a 2:1 or higher to get into these schemes. Therefore that idea was out of the window, and my degree seemed completely pointless. I felt confident enough that I would receive a 2:1, which made the 2:2 feel like even more of a blow, perhaps even a fail.

I gave it a go and applied a graduate scheme anyway, I got into the next step where they called me. That was when the question was asked:

Woman: “Just to confirm that you have achieved a 2:1 or above.”

Me: “Well actually I have achieved a high 2:2 and I was only 2 points away from a…”

Woman: “I’m very sorry but you cannot be accepted into this course unless you have a 2:1 or above.”

WELL FUCK YOU BITCH WHY DOES IT EVEN MATTER IF I’VE ALREADY GOT THROUGH TO THIS ROUND! IT’S JUST A NUMBER! I swear to god this drove me over the edge and I was questioning myself whether this degree actually meant anything in the first place.

My parents and friends reassured me and said going to university has given me plenty of life skills and independence and yada yada yada. I do agree with them to some extent as I have learnt a lot about Journalism and had the time of my life in London, but I also thought that having a degree in itself would be good enough for the future. Apparently not.

After this let down, I tried to keep my chin up and say to myself that I now have a degree in my pocket, and this is a life achievement as I worked bloody hard for it. I was still proud to wear the graduate gown and throw the square hat (aka mortarboard) into the air with pride.


Life moved on. I moved back into the country with my sister, and went back into a job as a full time waitress. I continued to search for jobs and received a couple of interviews. Alas, another issue came along – lack of recent experience.

In the beginning of 2013 I was turned down a job as a junior reporter at a Suffolk college for not having enough recent experience. WELL –  IF YOU EMPLOYERS GIVE ME EXPERIENCE THEN I WILL ACTUALLY HAVE EXPERIENCE! Even though during my time at Uni I did two weeks as an editorial assistant at The City of London Police media department, along with other relative experiences throughout my teenage years. Does that not mean anything?

All the while I’m thinking to myself, if I achieved a 2:1, guaranteed none of this would be happening, and I would already be working my way up and taking a giant leap through my chosen graduate scheme.

A few months down the line, things started to look up. After many emails, I managed to grab a chat with the editor of a large and regional Suffolk newspaper. We spoke about my degree, what I’ve learned so far, what I can bring to the team etc. He then replied with:

“You’re degree is all well and good – but…”


*Stay tuned to find out how far I got in the interview and what he suggested.* – This post is a three post series.


Day four of Writing 101 assignment –


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