Review on LUSH Cosmetics new suncare product – Lifesaver SPF 30

So I was given a little sample of this new suncare product to try out! I used this when I was out in the sun doing a huge amount of gardening.

I rubbed some onto my nose, top of my cheeks and forehead. The strong scents of spicy lavender and orange are released at first, and then it turns into a very subtle scent, bringing out the shea and cocoa butter. This was a very pleasant development. I burn very easily on my nose and forehead, so I was really hoping this would work otherwise I would look like Rudolph. Was this really an effective sunscreen? Or just a lovely scent with no benefits…


Texture – Smooth, easy absorbing.

Results – No burning, pleasant scent still lingers. No irritable reactions on skin.

Opinionated Scent – Strong and spicy, then subtle and more pleasant aroma once absorbed into the skin.


Will I keep using this product? – Perhaps! As sunscreen is relatively expensive anyway, yet this is a non-greasy product that melts into your skin without a trace or any unattractive white marks.

Go to LUSH Cosmetics website for more info on this product —>


4 thoughts on “Review on LUSH Cosmetics new suncare product – Lifesaver SPF 30

    • Go for it hun! It’s organic, natural and smells far nicer than cheap sunscreen! (I still like Piz Buin sunscreen though, but that’s also expensive!)

    • No worries hun! I didn’t know either until I walked into the shop! As I am loyal customer there who visits weekly for new product updates. Give a go and see what you think! x

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