Back of the Queue – Piano.

I am a Grade 5 pianist, and passed my Grade 1 at the young age of 8. However, my large, wooden piano at my parents’ house has become dusty and unloved.

As I’ve grown up, hobbies change, social life begins, work becomes an overload, I no longer live with my parents and I’ve lost the confidence to sing in public.

I’ve been planning for years to buy my own top notch keyboard, so I can use built-in headphones to practice until the early hours of the morning without waking anybody up. I would like to become better at keyboard techniques also, so I can create an entire instrumental with my own bare hands.

I’ve just become rusty – one time I knew all of the piano scales and would be able to make music easily, but now I have to refresh my memory by using Google to find images of major and minor scales. This was quite depressing when I had to do this.

Whenever I visit my parents’ house, I have to brush off the dust and have a go. I try to play the chords I could remember, and it instantly gives me goosebumps again.


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