It only gets harder

Wow and I want to become a successful reporter! Better get my speed on when I’m at the newspaper then and see if I can do it in that time!

Heart of the World


20 minutes. That’s how much time you get to write an eight paragraph story.

At least, that’s how long they give you when you “audition” to be a reporter for Bloomberg.

News travels, especially among journalists. And this particular tidbit reached me through various friends in the business. Apparently, when you want to be a Bloomberg reporter you go through training, and one of those tests is to write an eight paragraph story based on a press release, including at least one additional source. They give you five minutes to write two paragraphs, 15 minutes to contact an original source and get quotes, and five more minutes to turn those quotes and two paragraphs into a full fledged story with no errors. If that’s not pressure, I don’t know what is. I’m accustomed to writing with a deadline crunching me into a tiny paper ball of stress, but I can’t…

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