Review – LUSH COSMETICS Buffy exfoliating Body Bar.

So I’m the kind of person who forgets to moisturise daily and finds it a bit of a chore – so this is the IDEAL product to get it all done in one!

The quote for this product is “Buffs your backside and slays dead skin, leaving you angel soft” – and they couldn’t have described it better! This is exfoliation and moisturisation all in a single product.

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When using Buffy, I held the bar and ran it across parts of the body that needed it the most, focusing on the backside, legs, back of arms and top of back. I put the bar down and started to slowly massage it all in, enjoying the scent of cocoa butter, almond and lavender as I pampered. It was extremely blissful.

The exfoliation was comforting, not too intense, and enough to really feel the dead skin being scrubbed away. I felt instant moisture as the oils stayed on the skin leaving it incredibly soft. The subtle scent remains on your body as you pat yourself dry.

I couldn’t stop running my hands along my arms and legs, amazed at how soft I felt! This sensation didn’t look or feel greasy, but it does feel like a moisture overdose, which is exactly what I needed.

I suffer from slight dry patches and a little eczema, so a lot of exfoliating products can sting if they are too rough or if they include string citrusy ingredients. However, Buffy Body Bar did not leave any redness or stinging sensation during use as it only contains the softest essential oils and butters, including ground rice. I wouldn’t recommend this to people who already have baby soft skin, it would be a pointless purchase!

This will definitely be a regular buy on my LUSH shopping list!



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