Latitude Theatre Review: The Bloody Ballad feat. Mary and The Missing Fingers

A crazy theatrical performance of murder mayhem, with original live music inspired by Rockabilly, Blues and Americana.

The show focused on Mary – a girl with a dark past who felt stuck in a dead-end town. When she fell in love for the first time she found herself dragged on a journey of murder, lust, arson and carnage.

Kissing scene after murder

Kissing scene after murder

The Brothers Grimm meet Tarantino in this bloody and brutal love story set around Memorial Day celebrations in 1950s America. This show was backed by the pounding rhythms and catchy songs of the show’s band ‘The Missing Fingers’.

This performance was violently graphic yet surprisingly enjoyable, with a realistic scene of Mary in handcuffs having her finger cut off by her lover, and the aftermath of blood running down her chest onto her white nightgown. The setting was haunting, but with a sense of black comedy after hearing the sounds of laughter from the audience.

Mary on the floor after her finger was cut off!

First developed through Welsh Theatre Iolo’s emergent artist scheme in 2010, cast included author Lucy Rivers, Hannah McPake, Oliver Wood, Dan Messore, and Tom Cottle.

The performance was a slightly cliche, backwoods horror story but still managed to entertain. It was good to have the show performed by the same people who played the music as well as their incredible acting. In each song they swapped between accordions, electric guitar,  acoustic guitar and cello.


“She may have lost her little finger but she’s gained a whole lot more!” Part gig, part slasher movie, this was a slick and lustful performance with hillbilly personality.

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All photos proudly my own.


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