REVIEW: Lush Cosmetics – African Paradise

Being half South African, I was intrigued by this new product called African Paradise. Anything South African takes me back to whenever we visited my Mother’s family in Johannesburg. My sense of smell can fill me with nostalgia, therefore I was hoping this product would create an African tropical storm in the shower. I was right.

lush african paradise

The subtle scent is more woody rather than sweet, with the slight aroma of spices and tropical fruit. This product has a lot of special ingredients, representing Africa’s scents at it’s finest. They haven’t just rustled up anything and called it African – they really have made an effort for this one.

As I shower, I embrace the fond memories of safaris, tribal songs, a walk in the Sun City mountains, the beautiful beaches – surrounding myself with bright images of tropical forestry. I even picture myself in a holiday spa – pretending I was my own masseuse surrounded by the woody smell of a sauna and the beautiful incense sticks they usually place everywhere.

I’ve never used body conditioner before, and was wondering whether it was necessary for me; but with that scent, I couldn’t resist! To use, simply spread it all over your body, focusing on the rough patches. This is not a foamy cleanser, so it’s best to use after exfoliating. I found it easier and more effective to step away from the flow of the water – this helped me to apply the lotion without getting water in the pot and also gave me time to massage it into my skin without it being washed away too quickly. Then rinse the lotion off and pat your body down rather than rubbing it off. 

At first after using the body con skin felt taut, refreshed but very slightly greasy in the early stages. It took a good 5-10 minutes after I had dried myself off before the oils had been fully absorbed into the body. Additional perfume is somewhat unnecessary after using this product, as the scent remains on your skin nearly all day!

Even with the price being £19.95, I will definitely carry on splurging on this product as it’s an instant soother, mentally and physically.

However, the more you’re exposed to this fragrance, the more you pick up different elements of it’s smell. There’s a splash of aloe vera here and as you delve deeper, you can pick up tones of almond oil and moringa oil. The mango juice and melon oil give African Paradise a very subtle sweetness but it’s difficult to pick these scents out individually.
This body conditioner is a wonderful overload of moisture and smell; a product you have to experience for yourself in order to appreciate the wonders of it’s fragrance. 
African Paradise will definitely be part of my pamper routine. 5/5

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Lush Cosmetics – African Paradise

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