What’s the bloody point in creating a blog in the first place?

Does anyone else feel overwhelmed when it comes to blogging? This is your chance to write about anything. To me, that’s a hell of a challenge. However, I’m still here, and still addicted!

So I’m sitting on my bed right now and thinking – ‘Would anyone actually read this, and furthermore, would anyone actually care?’ I have been blogging for years (started out on Tumblr) and every now and then I sit back and think ‘What’s the point? No one reads my stuff anyway!’ I am also guilty of scrolling down the dashboard and not reading every single post from different bloggers.

Surely I’m not the only one who thinks this. I mean, have you seen the amount of bloggers who are out there now? Millions! Another problem – how on earth can you be yourself and ‘unique’ when you see so many other interesting bloggers out there with so much creativity! Then again, would someone look back at me and think I’m creative?

My creativity is lacking really. I don’t use big words, I don’t use SEO/RRS/XYZ or whatever, and when I’m passionate about something then I will write more, that’s about it really. However, every time I do it, I really enjoy it, and at that point I don’t care who reads it. It would be a bonus if anyone actually does! I write those blog posts for me, as a memory, something to look back on.

I’m not an attention seeker… or am I? I like to share my experiences with the world, splatter my brain onto the computer screen, make (near enough) everything public, as all other bloggers do. We thrive on responses and feedback (some people obsess over gaining followers), so overall does that make us all attention seekers? I feel sorry for people who get social network anxiety over blogging/social media – that’s when it gets depressing.

It’s hard to blog anything unique now – whenever I have a brainwave, I start to write it down. I then do some research and notice about a thousand other people wrote about that before me. You can either see this realisation as giving up, or see it as a challenge to write more about that common subject – perhaps look at it from a different angle or personalise it with your own structure. No matter what, just be yourself!

If you look at all these other blogs before writing your own stuff, it will distract you. Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers in a bad light. See it as inspiration. I’m travelling to Australia next year, and I know I’m not the only one doing it as it’s very common, but I want to join in with other bloggers in the same field or interest, not back away from them! My daily posts will be like a diary, so there’s definitely something unique about that!

If anyone has actually read this until the very end, I am very surprised, and also flattered as I wrote this shitty post in approx 10 minutes. So this is a message to myself and all other concerned bloggers:

  1. Don’t give up. Obviously.
  2. It’s quality not quantity. Don’t feel like you need to write a blog post everyday.
  3. Be yourself, always. There will always be someone out there interested in what you do. No matter how crazy or weird.
  4. It’s okay to write about similar stuff to other bloggers, just make it your own.
  5. Write about whatever the fuck you like. Spill your ridiculous personality onto the page. Unless this is for academic or employment purposes, then, erm, don’t do that…

Wow. That was possibly the quickest blog post I have ever written… That went from a rant to advice giving! Sweet… I guess writing things down can turn negatives to positives!

But again, who cares?

Much Love

Amy Lee x

A trying-hard-to-stay-positive thumbs up!


2 thoughts on “What’s the bloody point in creating a blog in the first place?

  1. Hi Amy, I care, I read until the end! I started blogging last year, and I love it. I’m visiting a lot of blogs and learn new stuff. The virtual world has its ups and downs, we only need to know where to find the ups. Nice post for 10 min writing!

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