Reasons why New Girl is the best show to watch in the bath…

New Girl is a US comedy about a woman who moves into a loft apartment with three single guys after breaking up with her boyfriend. Zooey Deschanel who plays Jess Day, takes a modern look at friendships, and romance, taking a very light hearted approach to everyday life and allowing us to feel carefree and somewhat positive after every watch.

Now here’s my confession. I watch New Girl in the bath, (along with a few other programmes like Hollyoaks and The Walking Dead.)

I work a lot so I have to catch up on my laptop, carefully placing it on the corner of my bath. Daring I know, but the attitude of Jess Day makes me think ‘Who cares?’

I know this all sounds pathetic, but light hearted comedys are always great to watch whenever you are feeling like the world is on your shoulders. I barely have time for TV, so it’s always great to find something quick, easy and very addictive to stick to.

New Girl also got me through the stressful times of University, so I will be sticking by this show until it’s over – (which I hope it never will be…)

Anyway, here are a few reasons as to why New Girl is great to watch in the bath:

  • Each episode is 20 minutes long – so you don’t turn into a prune once it’s over.
  • The aftermath of watching this in the bath just fills you with positivity and contentment.
  • You can eat pizza whilst you’re in the bath, or any other meal of choice, as Jess’ carefree personality allows you to not give a shit about it.
  • You step out of that bath feeling refreshed, physically and mentally.
  • It’s pure escapism. Music is also therapeutic but you can still be lost in your own thoughts. I like to dumb down and unwind when I’m in the bath, therefore New Girl is a great distraction.
  • It teaches you to not be so hard on yourself – Take life on the chin and go with it, even if it involves wearing silly hats or making a huge fort at the age of 25.
  • You’ve just done a ten hour shift – do you want a peppermint tea or a stiff drink in the bath? Get real! Treat yourself for Christ’s sake! Peppermint tea can be drank at work.
  • It allows you to realise immaturity can be fun sometimes. Let loose, laugh each day, dance and sing around the room without caring who is listening or watching!
  • It makes you want to phone your best friend after your bath to ask how they are and have a good catch up.

So anyway, long story short, give New  Girl a chance. Series 3 is out right now on E4 – Tuesdays at 9pm. (FOX if you’re American), or catch up on Channel 4OD …in the bath!


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