Australian working holiday? Challenge accepted…

In a year’s time… July 2015 to be exact.

THEREFORE I am sending out a distress call to all Australian citizens or travellers who know about Visas, working holiday tips and being a UK citizen (or any foreign citizen) Down Under!

Since Journalism & Film graduation 2012, I have been watching a few work friends/Uni friends pack their bags to go and work in Hong Kong, America and Australia for months on end. Jealously filled my bones and I thought to myself, I need another adventure – desperately. 

Throughout the last two years I have been all over the place – working as a full time waitress and part time reporter, whilst spending my free time researching the best country to work in, what job to do, when to go; along with questioning myself and feeling very close to giving up – until one small conversation created that new path I was waiting for.

This conversation took place in Mauritius this April (2014) where we had the ultimate family reunion. (My mother is South African and her siblings have scattered and created many cousins!) There were 13 of us all together, gathered from Johannesburg, Sydney and us Brits – We called ourselves the Springboks, Kangaroos and Bulldogs.

Anyway – whilst we were enjoying the all inclusive cocktails (we took great advantage of this) I was telling my family about how I desperately want to work abroad whilst I have no ties in the UK.  My Uncle Andrew simply said – “Well why don’t you come and live with us and work for up to 18 months? “

And that was that!

So here’s the thing – I know nothing about working abroad! So I would like to reach out for advice from bloggers and the greatest places to see! I have already been to Australia before for a family holiday, but that was 10 years ago! I plan to be a journalist of some sort by day, and a bar tender by night to get the dollar rolling – preferably in or around Sydney as that’s where my Aussie family live. I’ve already been looking at Job Opportunities on an Australian job website, but that then includes how to write the perfect cover letter so they will take on someone who came all the way from the UK!

If anyone has/or is currently working abroad in Australia, or is an Australian citizen who can throw hints and tips my way – get involved!

BRING ON JULY 2015! I will soon be creating a separate blog page which will be updated daily once I’m there. I can’t wait!

I hope I pick up the accent…

"It always seems impossible until it's done." - Nelson Mandela

Amy Lee xx


One thought on “Australian working holiday? Challenge accepted…

  1. It’s great that you have family on-site and are somewhat familiar with the country; it will make travelling a bit easier. For work, however, I would strongly encourage you visit the Immigration website, since Australia has many visas to offer foreigners, but they all come with their limitations. I’ll be going on a working holiday visa, which has restrictions for work, but there are sponsored visas available too, either by employers or the government itself. For the latter, look at the Consolidated Sponsors Occupations List. As for all visas, the Immigration website is a good place to start.

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