Short Hair?

Had to reblog this because I hate my short hair – This has made me feel slightly better about it all!

Simply Sweet

I’m not the kind of person who usually does things ‘on a whim’. I like to ponder decisions and make pro/con lists… completely Gilmore-Girls-Rory style. On a work trip to Queensland last year I had a slight moment of insanity, found a hairdresser, and asked them to cut off about 20 centimetres. For me, that’s about 6 years worth of growth. Is it true that blonde hair grows slower?

10305957_10202371197976597_373343318417980498_nWhile it took some getting used to, I grew to love having shorter hair. It helped me to grow out my fringe (let’s be honest, that fringe wasn’t the best decision I’ve made…) and I loved how quickly it dried and how much less hair I had to curl and straighten. Because it was healthier it didn’t knot as much, and took less time to take care of. Personally, for me – it was a great decision, and though I do regret cutting…

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