Oh yes. This stuff. Is AWESOME! My hair is ultra limp so this stuff saved it’s life.

BIG Sea Salt Shampoo is “A volumising shampoo made with seaweed and sea salt. While the salt lifts the hair and adds body, it also manages and softens the hair alongside extra virgin coconut oil and protein-rich toothed wrack seaweed. Lemon and lime allow the hair to shine as they allow the cuticles on your hair to lie flat, meaning they reflect more light. Use a small amount on wet hair and work it in well to build lather. ” LUSH website

So basically, from the look of these products you may as well jump in the sea and become a mermaid – but I don’t think your hair would look or smell as good as after you use this shampoo. You may also drown.

Although the main ingrediant is coarse sea salt, it still lathers up surprisingly well in your hair as it softens and volumises. It is also good exfoliation for your scalp (great for dandruff) and the smell is divine and naturally fresh. A generous amount is not needed therefore this product wont go quick – plus the pot is really big. Shame about the shampoo’s appearance on your hands though, it does look rather unpleasant… a bit like dead salty jellyfish or something worse… BUT don’t let that put you off as everything else is perfect!

Some natural products don’t allow the hair to feel like it’s been properly washed. However, this time my hair feels squeaky clean and the cleansing citrus fruits let the shine come through! Even after using lots of conditioner (as I need it for my dry ends), the volume stays put.

The toothed wrack seaweed infusion strengthens and revitalises the hair, which is ideal for my damaged split ends. The organic lime juice is the alpha scent in this shampoo, but the vanilla absolute (yes, alcohol, but not for consumption) and the many natural oils help soften the citrus empowerment and make it extremely pleasant for the senses – and for your head!

Price: £11.95 for 330g – Sorry, there is no smaller option unfortunately.

Rating: 4/5 – the price being the point dropper.

Will I use this again? – YES



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