Jetting off in a few hours…!

What is it with airports? I love them! I’m jumping on a Thomson plane to the wonderful, sunny Tunisia in a few hours, and all I can think about is the point when I walk through those doors to the hustle and bustle of Stansted airport!


It must be the feeling of nostalgia –  I’ve travelled with my family ever since I was a little lass and it just takes me back to holiday mode every time. The scent of perfumes at Duty Free, the smell of coffee and cooked breakfast, the sound and sight of huge planes landing and taking off, the wonder of where everyone else is going, and the challenge of whether you’ll get to the other side of departures without being beeped at by those doomed machines!

There’s also the excitement of knowing what plane you are getting on! This one will be bright blue so it will be hard not to miss. Everything is just one big build up of joy at the airport, as long as you don’t get so stressed about it! It’s best to see it as part of the journey, rather than seeing it as a dull place to wait around. I know it’s rather annoying that you have to check in 2 hours before your flight, but hey! You’ll more than likely spot me at Duty Free or spreading my body out on those ‘relaxing’ chairs reading the new Bridget Jones book …

The best part of it all is the satisfaction of taking off – you know what part I’m talking about… That part when you speed at silly mph along the runway and you feel yourself lifting off the ground, along with peeping your head out the window in the process. It’s only a three hour flight, (the longest I’ve had is 13 hours), so no interesting plane food unfortunately – Yes I do like plane food! Is that weird? I also get really hungry on planes, does anyone else? Also, I am paying £4 for a tiny Baileys because, well, I’m on holiday!

I will be staying at Club Magic Life Africana Imperial, in Hammamet. It looks like a beautiful resort and it was a great last minute deal on First Choice! All inclusive, flights and transfers, 7 nights, 5* and all for £490! Result! So for anyone wanting to have a quick getaway, I highly recommend First Choice – easy travel agent site and very straightforward.






I’m sitting here in my dressing gown getting rather excited now! I may be rocking back and fourth on my chair slightly… and of course, I will tell you all about it when I get back!




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