LUSH Cosmetics Autumn/Winter Collection 2014

LUSH Autumn/Winter Collection! I am über excited about this and was going to ramble on about it. However, this gal has put it into lovely words for us on what will soon be in store! Hopefully there will be more to come! Reviews are to be expected – stay tuned. I want a lifetime supply of Snow Angel and Snowcake soap. #justsaying


3 thoughts on “LUSH Cosmetics Autumn/Winter Collection 2014

  1. I just had a Snow Angel bath and am now sitting in my dressing gown, hair up in a towel, Charity Pot slathered over my body, and Cupcake face mask solidifying on my face. I feel so amazing. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as sitting in a beautiful marzipan scented bath with gold lustre swirling around you as you read and all your troubles float away. Snow Angel is one to check out – and it doesn’t leave you looking like a glitter ball which is good as I have to go to my other job tomorrow. Hahah.
    Thanks so much for reblogging this! I’m glad you enjoyed it. ❤

    • I also had a Snow Angel bath last night! It was incredible and my skin was so soft when I stepped out of the bath! I kept picking it up to watch it melt away because I’m strange like that… I love the half and half bomb and melt!
      When it came to the glitter part I was also worried about my body turning into a disco ball. Luckily that wasn’t the case, but it was a bit of a pain getting rid of the remains in the tub!
      Will definitely be getting the Snow range for the Xmas period. Apart from the pink Snow Fairy stuff -far too sweet so not a fan…
      High five to the cupcake mask, been using that for yonks!


      • Hahah I do the same thing – can never just leave it be! 😛
        We have a super good bathroom cleaner, I think my mum just got sick of seeing pink or glitter at the bottom of the bath! Teeheee D:
        Yeah I’m not the biggest fan of Snow Fairy, a little too sweet even for me! But the So White shower gel is amazing and I shall be getting a big bottle before they discontinue it after christmas!
        Yessss *high fives* I used it again today and ahhhh, so good! I always snapchat my boyfriend with the caption ‘poopy face’. I’m sure it’s not funny anymore but he still tells me it is! 😛


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