Romanticizing the absence

I found this interesting and rather true – as I have been the victim and also the culprit in this situation.

Ms Charlie Moon

We romanticize the relationships with the people we can’t have.
Girl falls for the boy who’s already dating someone else because he’s desirable and she can’t have him ; boy falls for the girl who leaves in a different city or even country because they can’t be together and vice versa.
Physical absence makes everything seem romantic because you get to fantasize and then miss someone whom you fell in love with in your thoughts and dreams.
Maybe you’re not feeling ready for a relationship and you think that dating someone from a different city is a good idea because it will give you time to adjust, to get ready.
You start seeing the unavailable girl or boy because you too are or feel unavailable and you get even more confused and confuse others as well.
Why can’t people just be alone for a while and figure out what they…

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