Small steps – Wellbeing, health and beauty writer? Me?

Exciting news guys – I will be starting my own wellbeing section in the magazine! Hoorah! However, I need your input…

My little brief journalism story – I’ve gone from working as a part time news reporter for the East Anglian Daily Times, to moving a few yards across the office to become a feature writer for Suffolk Magazine! It would be amazing if I became full time, but I know I need to show my full potential first… Oh the life of a graduate…

This is still early days, and I only work for the magazine once a week, but plans are underway and I will be starting this section in the new year! Stress and anxiety took over my life during my late teens/early twenties, therefore the subject of wellbeing has become highly important to myself, as well as near enough all of us! Negativity can create a black cloud over our heads and life can sometimes be overwhelming, so it’s time to step up and appreciate what we have, enjoy that ‘me-time’ and just grab life by the horns!

One thing I’ve learnt from this achievement is – you need to put yourself out there and have your say!

I only managed to take over this section because I grew some balls and emailed my mag editor! I told her all about my interests and what I want to bring to the magazine; she then approached me with a keen eye and there you have it! Your employers are not mind readers, so it’s important to remind them what you love doing!

goalsSub editors are currently getting their heads together to create a list of what tasks I could do to kick start the wellbeing section – one of them is possibly getting a new year spa treatment and reviewing it. Such a hard life…I guess a spa review would be good for me as I also work as a full time waitress ten hours a day!

I can’t wait to show you my articles, and to share with you how important wellbeing and contentment is to our lives. Possible subjects I would love to add are: Yoga, steps to happiness, Lush Cosmetics (because it’s vegan, organic and a different way to pamper), beauty products that actually work on my terrible complexion, mental wellbeing, reviews, etc. This list could narrow down to the nitty gritty soon enough as those subjects are quite vague – but patience is virtue!

All of this will be in the Suffolk area, as it is Suffolk’s local magazine and the place where I’m based. However, not to worry! As when it comes to my personal blogging I am a keen traveller, experience grabber and a London girl at heart! (Some loyal followers may already know this!)

What I would love to ask you guys is: What is your definition of wellbeing?

Your answers would be kindly appreciated, as it will help create a brainstorm of what I could potentially write about and research on! Wellbeing is such a vast subject, so answers from the audience can develop the ultimate journey to contentment.

Thank you!





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