SPA REVIEW| Flawless Image, Ipswich

Escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine and indulge in the calm surroundings of Flawless Image Beauty.

Opulent, immaculate and well equipped, this spa is a pleasant getaway for a relaxing, invigorating and welcoming retreat.


Flawless Image launched in March 2011, offering Temple Spa treatments which are exclusively available in Suffolk along with an exceptional quality of service. In the heart of Ipswich and close to the vibrant dock, Sarah Gregory has created an oasis of tranquillity with a range of over 50 different treatments.

Before the treatment was booked, I was advised to have the Go Figure treatment, as this is a great one to have in January after all the Christmas indulgences! It is a firming, toning, tightening body detoxifying massage which lasts for either 60 or 75 minutes.

Arriving at the arranged time of 4pm, Sarah Gregory gives a warm welcome at the reception desk. The spa displays a welcoming and relaxing colour theme of turquoise, white, brown and cream. The décor is clean and modern with products neatly on display, along with the calming scents of a pampering session and seasonal candles burning. It is certainly a warming and welcoming place to visit especially after walking through the cold November rain.


Sarah explains the ethics of the spa: “We are not a fast paced beauty salon. We like to take the time to talk to our customers, give them a drink and allow them to receive the full spa package the minute they walk through the door.” My masseuse Katie introduces herself and then stands with Sarah at the desk whilst I fill out a quick safety form. Sarah offers to take my coat to hang up before Katie guides me to my designated treatment room.

Entering one of the dimly lit rooms, I hear the soothing sound of peaceful oriental music, lit candles in pretty lanterns, a neatly made bed with the Go Figure products on display, and the scent of Quietude calming mist room spray.

Whilst Katie leaves the room to give me some privacy, I wrap myself around the warm dark brown towels and lay on the bed with my face peeping through the face cradle. The electric blanket on the bed was a comforting and necessary touch to stop the body getting cold easily.

Katie begins by asking me to close my eyes and slowly inhale the Breath of Life inhalation essence from her palms. This is an aromatherapy brain booster with eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender. She starts the massage by using the ‘Giving it the brush off’ brush on my back and the back of my legs to stimulate the blood flow. Matins oil is then applied to those areas using lymphatic drainage which carries waste products away from the tissue and back towards the heart. She uses vigorous massage movements and the ‘No Pain No Gain’ hard massager brush on the stiff and tougher parts of the body. A soothing balm called AAAHHH! is designed for aching feet and limbs so this is also applied. This is great for when you’ve been walking, standing or even sitting too long!

IMG_4230[1]I am then asked to slowly turn over so she can repeat the process on my front, covering the personal areas with a towel.

After the lymphatic massage, an intensive mask containing coffee, essential oils and marine/earth mud is applied over my legs, arms, abdomen and back. A body wrap of thin, plastic material traps the ingredients and keeps my body warm. This was on for 10-15 minutes while Katie performs a magnificent scalp massage.

The cooling Go Figure gel mixed with Duvet firming body cream was the ultimate finale after the mud was gently removed with a soft hot cloth. The friction massage warmed the skin whilst the products created a tingly aftermath, and you could really feel it working! It did not leave an uncomfortable sticky residue and I could immediately put my clothes back on once the treatment was complete. The green tea, ginger and pink grapefruit aromas awaken all of your senses and give you a huge boost as if you’ve had 12 hours sleep.

It’s been advised that I keep the products on overnight in order to let it all sink in. My body smelt so good I didn’t want to wash it off anyway!

Katie - my masseuse


At the start of the day I was fatigued and in dire need of some pampering and scrubbing. By the end of the treatment, I left Flawless Image as a
true spa enthusiast – revitalised and with a spring in my step.

This is the place to go if you’re feeling dull, achy or in need of a general confidence booster. The welcoming staff will make you feel right at home, and with their professional advice you will be given the right treatment to suit you.


Special Offer – Buy one in January and get one half price in February. Applies to selected treatments only.

My favourite product – Go Figure anti-cellulite and slimming gel – Awakening your body and senses with grapefruit aromas and body cooling factors.

The highlights – Soft, exfoliated and silky skin. Awakening aromas of lemon, coffee and grapefruit on the body. Left feeling invigorated and refreshed. Feel brand new and a million dollars.

Go Figure Price £55.00 (Guest will receive a complimentary Go Figure when a course of six is booked.)


6 thoughts on “SPA REVIEW| Flawless Image, Ipswich

  1. Ugh it sounds bloody amazing just reading it. I need a spa day (cough, weekend!), someone please send me away!
    Excellent post. I’ll be booking my train ticket to Ipswich soon 😛 hehe ❤

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