16 ways to bring your sexy back…

Girls. It’s time to treat yourself.

I know it’s Winter, and you’ve layered on the clothes, but this time of year is the most comfortable time to have a hot, steamy pampering session, no matter how you do it!

I had an amazing hour long bath the other night, and I did the whole works – including some lovely Lush products!

I ran FUN Gold under the tap which filled the bath with bubbles and the scent of Honey I washed the Kids soap, exfoliated everywhere with Buffy Body Butter which is also moisturising, foamed up with Imperial Leather Day At The Spa body wash applied some Cupcake Face Mask and listened to Beyonce’s seductive and passionate new album. 

After that, I felt like Marilyn Monroe! I was also quite wrinkly…


Here’s 16 ways to bring your sexy back during these cold months – or any time of year in fact! 

Submerge in the tub. 

Candles, favourite scents and products. Unwind and pamper your body as if you’re ready for a good night. There’s nothing like warm suds on your naked body to pump up the sensuality factor and remind yourself how important it is to take time to reconnect with you.

Bring out the tunes!

Create lustful playlists to bring our your inner goddess. I usually choose Beyonce’s new album or Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP album because they’re full of desirable lyrics with haunting and seductive beats. Choose whatever makes you feel sexy! Spotify is a great app to create the perfect playlist, £10 a month if you don’t want adverts! I also have plenty of my favourites on iTunes, as I support buying songs as this supports the artist. ladygagaartpop


Touch yourself

After a hot shower, massage your body with lotion, instead of just slapping it on. Massage every inch of your skin so you can really feel it sink in. Lay on the bed and do it, it just allows you feel sexier in an instant. You know your skin is being looked after so it can encourage you to feel more confident when the clothes are absent…


And then some more touching…

Sex is great, but it isn’t always an option. Five minutes can be all you need to relax and treat yourself in private. I will leave it at that… Only you know how to make yourself feel good and to reach that intensity. Just make sure your door is locked! 

Bring out the bust

Every woman needs a good bra! Don’t be afraid to get a bra fitting and add some extra padding for the perfect cleavage. The right fit will make you feel like a glamour model, no matter what size you are! However, make sure it’s not too much cleavage bulging over a tight top – you don’t want to look like a hooker. 

Back to black

Transform yourself into a smouldering temptress and wear slightly smudgy black eyeliner. I don’t mean create the look of being punched in the face, just make sure it’s subtle. If you prefer the upper eyelid flick like I do, then continue with the classic look and add a darker eyeshadow. Appearing slightly windblown, as if you just had a roll around, is extremely provocative. I use NAKED 2 eye palette to give the smokey look a boost. IMG_3011

Break a sweat

The reasons to work out are endless. It helps you lose weight, lower stress levels, and of course, boost your sexiness. Sweat releases endorphins and gives you a natural high, (just like sex!) It’s a great way to feel strong, physically and mentally. 

Put on that perfume

Wearing your signature scent can scoop up compliments and make you feel just that little more sexy. Your scent can act as your very own aphrodisiac, whether you are out and about or slouching around in your pyjamas. If you don’t have your favourite, go out and destroy your sense of smell and give the huge amount of perfumes a trial! It’s always fun grabbing a tester and see how you feel wearing that scent throughout the day. 
My signature scents at the moment are Gucci Guilty or Fame by Lady Gaga.

Dance like no one is watching – literally!

Who cares if you’re a crap dancer? Turn on your favourite tunes and just let go. When you really get into it, you start to love how it feels and just get lost in the song. Dancing in front of a mirror is always fun and you’ll be surprised how many calories you burn! Perhaps you can test your singing voice if you’re home alone! Unless you like everyone hearing you sing at the top of your lungs…

Watch something saucy

I’m definitely one for the naughty flicks. Don Jon sits up there! (Google it if you don’t know the film.) I’m especially looking forward to 50 Shades of Grey on Valentines Day next year! We are all visual creatures, and when you give your eyes a sensual treat, you will feel especially sexy.don_jon_3


Turn off

Your phone, the TV, your laptop and everything else technological. Life’s distractions keep you from being fully in touch with yourself. Unplug for a few minutes each day so you can plug in to your own mind. Focus on just one activity like reading a book or a magazine, doing some stretches or even playing some of tour own music if you know how to play an instrument. Every now and then I have a jamming session on my piano. Tuning out from the world helps make you the priority, not everyone else.

Spark up the incense

Light a scented candle or an incense in your room or even spread them out around the house! Candlelight creates a warm, cozy glow over everything and everyone in the room, and is waaaay more flattering than harsh lightbulbs striking all your insecurities. When looking at yourself or a partner through candlelight, it will make a huge difference, and you will see yourself in an entirely different, and sexier way. 

Stretch out with simple yoga

Apparently women who regularly practiced yoga feel incredibly sexy, (and more flexible!) Researchers say it could be because yoga forges a stronger mind-body connection through meditation and creates self-confidence, which can lead to feeling more romantic. yoga

Hey good lookin’

We’re made to criticise every imperfection of our bodies thanks to society, so giving yourself a reassuring reality check can make a difference. Stand in your prettiest, most confidence-giving outfit in front of a mirror and focus on the things you really love about yourself: your strong thighs, shiny hair, hourglass figure, your sexy curves, perhaps your full chest, etc etc.

Sleep naked

Just because you’re going to sleep doesn’t mean you can’t take a few minutes before bed to indulge in some sexiness. Take a shower or bath before bedtime, then don’t even think about putting those pyjamas on. There’s something incredibly erotic about slipping your freshly shaved, moisturised body naked between the sheets.

Most of all – Don’t try too hard

I’m not saying that everything you do has to be sexy. We are indeed sexual beings, but we shouldn’t be turned on all the time. Sexy feelings are supposed to be special. Every woman needs those days where she gives in to horrible hair days, loads of breakouts, slouchy jogging bottoms, and a big bar of chocolate or a whole tub of ice cream. Comfort food is always good, as log and you don’t overdo it! Mix those comfort days with sexy days and you will feel more content in yourself, with a huge boost of confidence. 



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