FASHION INTERVIEW | What’s in your Louis Vuitton bag?

Arabella Brown, new owner of Marianna in Ipswich, has a huge passion for fashion. I was excited to pay her a visit and take a sneak peek inside her practical and ‘never full’ Louis Vuitton bag.


Arabella’s interest in fashion was sparked over 10 years ago when she was in London. “I was scouted to do some modelling jobs for The London College of fashion along with a few other bits and bobs in between. I found it extremely fascinating and deep down I knew I wanted to be in this industry.”

Arabella wanted to gain more qualifications, so she completed an online marketing course followed by a buying course through the London College of Fashion.

“Four years ago I got to the point where I had to sit down and do a bucket list. One aim was to own a successful woman’s boutique where I could pull together everything I’ve done to date in a functional space.”

Continuing her journey, she started to go to trade shows in London and Milan, along with spending a bit of time in Paris. “I knew that if I wanted to be in this industry then let’s go to the places which are renowned for fashion!”

A couple of years ago she met current Marianna owner, Emma Lloyd to hopefully receive some advice on setting up and running a business.

“Fairly recently this year, with Emma knowing my plans and ambitions, she approached me to say she was willing to pass her shop ownership onto myself. Well, this was obviously a no brainer. Everything is set up here for me – the location is fantastic, there’s already a customer base, and the timing has been perfect.

It’s a big leap, a big risk and a chance I’m taking, but I’m hoping that I’ve gathered together the qualifications necessary to get to this point. Now it’s time to be fully involved with fashion and get on with it!”

Louis Vuitton Never Full MM Bag 

IMG_4345“The bag I am using is the Louis Vuitton Never Full MM Bag. It’s called Never Full because you can literally fit everything in it. I usually have my laptop in there along with many other essentials. It has zip compartments inside and little hooks you can hang stuff on.

It was a stepping stone in fashion for me as it was my first ever Louis Vuitton purchase, therefore I made it a little more personal by having my initials hot stamped onto the fabric. This bag is practical with untreated leather – this is so no Louis Vuitton bag will ever look the same. During use, the leather darkens over time, so it’s great when you see a really old looking bag in result of the leather wearing down. The older it looks the better.”




IMG_4337<————— “Tom ford Black Orchid is in my top five favourite perfumes. I always carry it around with me to top up the spritz. I fell in love with it years ago when I saw a full page of the product in Vogue. I didn’t actually care what it smelt like – I just thought the advert was so glamorous and I love the black glass bottle! Blended with dark, tempting florals and rich fruit accords, the scent is seductively beautiful.”


“LIMG_4329eone pastilles are full of tasty sweets that I love carrying around with me. They come in loads of yummy flavours and I usually have about three boxes in my bag so I’m spoilt for choice! The packaging is cute, vintage and Italian.” ——>



“Well of course I would be lost without my iPhone. It is the ultimate link to the outside world. The case I have on it is an art piece called The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. It is one of my favourite paintings and it makes me smile every time I look at it.”IMG_4327


IMG_4330“This is just a trashy sparkly leopard print compact mirror, but is essential for checking ones face before presenting it to the world!” ————–>







IMG_4331“I am such a hoarder of YSL lipsticks so you wouldn’t see me without one. The colours are always fantastic and they wear really well. This limited edition vibrant purple colour is great for the winter season.”  —————————->




<———————– “I’m in the process of moving into a flat at the moment – so I’m carrying this tape measure around with me as I’m constantly measuring curtains and other household items. Of course, when it comes to fashion, one must have a measuring tape at all times.”





<————– “This small Chanel purse is not necessarily that practical, but it’s just so dinky and lovely! I bought it when I was in Paris a few years ago at the first ever flagship Chanel store, and I’ve carried it around with me ever since.”




“Matching Louis Vuitton passport holder with passport still inside. Goodness knows why, but only for the reason that I think one should always be prepared!” —————————–>





IMG_4335<———————- “These grey leather and (real fur) gloves are an important winter essential to keep the hands warm. Again I bought these in Paris a couple years ago from a little store on the Champs-Elysées.”



“From Age of Reason, this is a limited edition vibrant wool scarf featuring abstract pink and white markings. Inspired by African textile prints, Ali Mapletoft, the designer behind Age of Reason uses paint and wax techniques to create this original print with the Marianna logo. An uplifting wardrobe staple – pair it with neutrals for a contemporary look.”marianna






A huge Good Luck and Congratulations to Arabella Brown on becoming the owner of Marianna this week!

33a St Peters Street, Ipswich IP1 1XF
Tel: 01473 225666   Email:


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