BOKWA | New exercise addiction – Intense cardio dance workout!

One does not simply get up and do exercise…I HATE IT!

The reason? I had no discipline, no motivation and didn’t know where to start or what routine to use…

I never felt like doing repetitive gym sessions over and over again. I never found the motivation to get down on the floor and do sit ups whilst causing neck strain. I didn’t have the patience to stick with it in order to actually see results, therefore I just hopelessly gave up.

I even tried the funky gym clothing, the expensive gym memberships where I just ended up in the sauna, the awesome gym playlist to blurt out in my ears, setting alarms to say ‘AMY, GO FOR A F****ING RUN!’ But nope, I didn’t budge, and just stuck to healthy eating which has kept me in good tired workout

Then suddenly…  I found BOKWA!

BOKWA® is Different. It’s not really a dance workout – there is no choreography and no counting steps. Participants draw letters and numbers with their feet and hands, while moving together to music in free form rhythm. – Bokwa Fitness

No Counting Steps

Because Bokwa steps are structured and based on the forms of letters and numbers, doing Bokwa does not require you to count steps, like a traditional 8 count followed by most dance fitness programs. Simply feel the music and freely move with the beat. And the dozens of other class participants that are sharing the energy and excitement with you.

No Choreography

Once you know the step, you own it and can do it without following an instructor’s personal choreography. Because the steps follow the same structure, whether you are doing it in Taiwan, Australia, England or the US, Bokwa is truly universal.

Today’s Popular Radio Hits

We do Bokwa to popular music that appeals to a global audience. The music is energising and addictive and it is likely the same feel good songs you listen to in your car.

It Does Not Feel Like Working Out At All.

Because of the energising music, Bokwa becomes addictive! The fun and predictable steps and great motivation comes from people moving together to the music. You would not even realise you were burning up to 1,200 calories in one workout! (Christ, that’s my daily calorie intake burnt out in one!)

Check out the video on Bokwa to see and how it became a global exercise sensation!

Give it a try guys and find a class near you! I go to my local community centre for a very cheap price. I’m so glad I found an exercise routine I actually enjoy, and will definitely be going every week!



3 thoughts on “BOKWA | New exercise addiction – Intense cardio dance workout!

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