STYLE INTERVIEW | What’s in your Ted Baker handbag?

Labels to Love is a Designer Dress Agency and Boutique situated on Hadleigh High Street, owned and managed by local resident Sue Smith. I take a sneak peek into her shiny purple Ted Baker bag!


Sue has been into retail fashion for most of her life with more than 30 years of experience. “I have always worked for other people, but I knew owning a boutique myself was something I wanted to do in the long run. I decided to stick with the designer dress agency as that was the type of clothes I was used to selling, and it has simply grown from there!”

Calming tones of pink and blue, sparkling chandeliers and beautiful lighting create the overall sense of luxury and quality that runs through the whole of her business.

IMG_4763Sue opened the boutique in May 2013 and it has since continued to evolve. She has gathered up old and new stock to put on display, as well as recently starting to do lingerie and bra fittings.

“I take in designer labels or top-end high street items from people who want to sell outfits they may have only worn once. This is an opportunity for them to get their money back and for me to make some money also!”

The customers would bring in there clothing or accessories by appointment, Sue then checks the criteria and puts it up for sale in the boutique for eight weeks. “If I haven’t sold it by that time then they can either take it back, or I keep it for longer and sell it at a more suitable time – preferably when it’s in season.”

“Although everything is designer label, you’re getting a really good deal here. Some hats that are up for sale in my boutique start at £65, whereas another shop I used to work at would be selling them for £400!”


When it comes to handbags, Sue is all about the large and trendy.

“I reckon I could fill this shop with my handbags! I carry one wherever I go and can keep up to 14 items in just one of them! I always like to put a spare pair of shoes in my bag, especially if I want to swap to flats after wearing high heels for too long.”


Ted Baker

“This bag is the Ted Baker Tama Quilted Satchel Bag. I love blue-purple shades and anything shiny so that’s what attractedme to this handbag, along with the handy pockets. My partner and I simply went shopping one day and the minute I spotted this bag, I fell in love with it. Therefore it became a lovely Christmas present!”

What’s in her bag?


Elie Saab Le Parfum

“Elie Saab is one of my favourite ever perfumes. The scent is warming, musky and woody, contained in a gorgeous bottle. I always seem to buy myself some perfume whenever I go away, so I bought this one at the airport on my way to Tenerife. The bottle attracted me at first and then the radiant aroma soon followed!”



Moroccanoil Hairspray

“This Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray is something I am never without. This came from Select Hairdressers in Sudbury, in which I am a local customer. It comes in a beautifully coloured can, and the argan oil infused spray gives a weightless, natural finish.”



Blue Mirror sold in her boutique

“This is a compact mirror which I sell in the shop – I have a blue one because I obviously love sparkly blues and purples. I sell a range of colours here and of course a mirror is an important item to carry around!”



Christian Dior reading glasses

“My stylish Dior glasses are well worth the extra money. I found it so difficult to find a decent pair of glasses and of course these were the only ones I liked! It comes with a price tag but why not treat yourself to something which you know you will always wear?”



Clinique Very Current

“This Clinique lipstick in Very Current is my all time favourite. It keeps my lips moisturised and high in colour for hours, and I have continued to wear Clinique lippy for years.”



iPhone 4s and iPad Mini 3

“Now these are the two items I never seem to go anywhere without – my iPhone 4s and the latest iPad mini 3. I find that it’s easy to do emails on the iPad when I’m out and about, as the iphone 4s seems a bit tricky and fiddly to type anything up. They both take brilliant photos, they’re compact, and I can easily keep in touch with everyone when I’m away.”

Thanks Sue!


Labels to Love

24 High Street

01473 807052



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