LIFE UPDATE 2015 – The year for adrenaline, family, friendship and travel.

wordpress 2015In this post I briefly mention a lot of things… Ambitions, adrenaline, Cape Town, Australia, Scotland, future plans, and just a list of updates in general! So anyway – Happy BELATED New Year to all my blog friends who I’ve never met in real life but I will still call you friends!

I hope 2015 has started off very well for you. It’s now time for me to, yet again, chat a load of cack.

Here is a brief (sort of) post about the highlights of 2014, along with what exciting changes and adventures will be happening this year!

Before I start, can I just say – I really truly badly want a GoPro for my year long trip to Aussieland! This is happening in July guys, stay tuned.


So far in 2015:

  • FRIENDSHIPS: I’ve been spending time with an amazing and hilarious group of old and new friends and it’s been so refreshing! Even though I’ve (finally) learned to enjoy my own company, I really do need to have some escapism with a group of friends more often this year!
  • ENDING ALL HEARTBREAK: Poured my heart out to erase all negativity to do with certain ‘men’. I refuse to cry over guys any longer and my guard is back up for a while. I also hate having things at the back of my mind so it was good to just let it all out. Now I can continue the new year without locking things up.
  • SO. MUCH. ALCOHOL. – Had four hangovers, some of which turned into duvet days with hot choc and DVDs with the people from the night before.
  • STAFF PARTY. MORE ALCOHOL – Attended our annual staff party which all work friends look forward to! It is the time to dress up, look incredibly glamorous, and enjoy the free bar and gourmet burger van! And then look at the entertaining photos of your downfall the next day… Along with a blurry memory the next day and being told what happened – which was hilarious yet also embarrassing.
  • BREAKING BAD – New addiction!!! Whilst waiting for the second half of The Walking Dead season of course. I watch an episode every night in bed without fail. So far I’m only on season 2.
  • JOURNALISM – Continuing to gather as many PDFs and articles as possible to put together a portfolio for future employers.
  • Now it’s back to fun-filled reality and time to make plans for the exciting year ahead! #CAPETOWN #AUSSIELAND!!!

NB: January and February will be the quiet months – This is time to get your sh*t together and do all the long-winded stuff…


Main focuses this year are: Family, friendship, travelling and NO HEARTBREAK! When it comes to the subject of men, 2014 was indeed the year of tears. It was a huge eye opener, as I felt that I didn’t have to rely on men to make me happy, and independence soon followed. About time too!


March: Little trip to Scotland! 
This will be a pleasant couple of days travelling to a place in the UK I have never visited before – Good ol’ Edinburgh! I can’t bloody wait to be surrounded by the brilliant accent, along with counting as many gingers as I can. (Sorry not sorry.) I will be staying at the Balmoral Hotel with my lovely friend Phil, who is a huge explorer like myself! Disney-Memes-image-disney-memes-36538118-427-300

April: Cape Town!
Oh yes, my second home! This will be a time to spend quality time with the whole family.
We will be facing an adrenaline-filled two weeks of bliss!
Allow me to give you some examples of what will be occurring: shark diving, walking up table mountain, doing one of the highest bungee jumps, a helicopter ride and a Harley Davidson bike ride. It’s going to be mental.
cape town bungee

July: Bye bye England, I’m off to the land of Oz!
That’s right! I’m just like a few other 20 somethings who just want to piss off to Australia to have the time of their lives!
It’s happening, I’m grabbing a working holiday visa, staying with some close relatives in Sydney, and hoping to work as a journalist/bar tender/any job going for an entire year!
I need to do this whilst I have no ties here in the UK, otherwise I will regret not going once I’m married, have children, and a career that I cannot abandon.
Stay tuned in June/July where I will be keeping a travelog on here and keeping you posted!

The rest of the year? – God knows. Apart from one fact – I will be surrounded by scorching hot weather this Christmas.

I will miss a lot of people… Shout out to my family, Rod, Phil, Beth, Chloe and all my colleagues at Kesgrave! 


HEALTH: BOKWA! This is the new revolution of fitness dancing! Check out my previous post on Bokwa to find out all about it. It’s like Zumba x100! It’s intense, hardcore and so much fun! I only found out it was 5 minutes down the road from where I live, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find one near you too! If not, Zumba is just as fun!

Doing any form of exercise by choice is a huge step for me anyway, as I slacked big time last year and made excuses. Now it’s just my huge love of food that I have to sort out…! As long as the packaging is all labeled GREEN with low fat percentage, and not shouting HIGH FAT RED DON’T EAT THIS SHIT!!!, then I think it’ll be fine…

Dear water haters: I have a little tip for those who are trying to be healthy but hate drinking plain water – I have just bought a new Brita Fill&Go water bottle and it really has encouraged me to drink tap water the fun way! This is not an ad, I just genuinely wanted to share this with you.


BREAKING BAD… HABITS: Check out my post on Stopping the spot popping challenge. That’s right, I pick my face whenever possible which results in red boulders forming on my skin, which I then have to stuff with foundation to cover it up. I also tend to pick at the scabs that are actually trying to heal the wound. Not healthy. So far my new year’s resolution of not picking my skin is working well. The redness is on the process of healing – and the clearer my skin looks, the less picking I do, therefore less foundation is applied.

Happy 2015 everyone! Hope it’s all going well for you so far! Feel free to update me on what you’re up to or plan to do in the near future! 


Thought I’d add a cool photo of me doing a lame yoga pose


ALSO -If you have any recommendations or advice, please feel free to leave a comment! 


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