LUSH REVIEW | Sikkim Girls Perfume

“A warm and exotic floral with the veiled allure of jasmine. We capture the exotic heat of Darjeeling, India in clouds of tuberose and frangipani. The overt sensuality of jasmine is demurely covered in this perfume, creating a subtly seductive fragrance with a hint of ‘come hither’. A contrast to the up-front and overtly sexual jasmine notes of Lust.” – LUSH 

Instant thought of this perfume – Bohemian Hippie. Serenity. Incense sticks.


My own little 10ml bottle 🙂


Once spritzed on my skin and clothes, (I only need two sprays!) the top notes create a pleasantly harsh EXPLOSION of scents that you may discover in a tranquil spa. And, as a lot of you may already know, I am a spa addict.

The jasmine and frangipani are strong, and I can link Frangipani to my favourite incense stick – Nag Champa. You see, Champa is the Indian word for Frangipani, therefore I’m basically carrying the burning stick around with me! “Namaste!”

This scent is escapism from my urban lifestyle, and takes me back to my yoga classes, spa days, and tropical vacations.

The vanilla is also, after a while, a leading note. It’s seems exotic and more smokey, whilst still carrying a sweet background. It’s almost woody – and it feels very natural.

When to wear this

Best worn in the evenings, especially when you want to feel sultry. However, I like to feel sultry at all times so I wear it whenever! I also wear it to relieve stress, as it sends me back to a state of serenity. Some of you may feel it can be a little bit to overpowering for daytime.

The bottle and story behind this perfume is interesting, and it’s great that all Lush Gorilla perfumes are made with essential oils. The sillage is rather heavy at first but becomes subtle in time, and it lasts for around there hours before it weakens. Perhaps that’s a good thing, otherwise too much of this perfume would definitely cause headaches! Don’t let that put you off though!


The greatest thing about this perfume is that the ingredients are vegan and only contain essential oils. I guess this includes all Lush products!


The creation of Sikkim Girls Perfume:

“Sikkim Girls is a fragrance that was inspired by stories regaled to us by sitarist Sheema Mukherjee, who collaborates often with Simon Emmerson to create our Spa soundtracks. Whilst travelling in India, she heard rumours of the Himalayan Sikkim Girls; women so entrancing that, dressed from head to toe, they could seduce a man with just the subtle sway of their hips. The perfume is sensual, heady and floral. Exquisite jasmine, tuberose and frangipani absolutes to create an intoxicating fragrance that whispers of the exotic women that inspired it.”


Click to find out The inspirational story behind all Volume 2 Gorilla Perfumes… 


Thank you for reading! If you have any recommendations or a Lush perfume experience then feel free to leave a comment!




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