I created a Grab Button – AFTER TWO HOURS!

Christ, I had to put my research/ HTML coding headgear on to do this!

It was all thanks to Katie at Plus+ Beauty who asked if any of us had a Grab Button to put on her page. I was like… Grab Button? Huh?

So yes, after spending two hours of my life researching many hints and tips websites and finding the dummies’ guide, I finally found a way, thanks to this website The Blog Maven.

I used the free photo editing website Fotor to resize my image to 150×150 pixels, as it was 500×500 before and that was FAR to big for a grab button.

So yes! After many tweaks and editing, THERE IT IS BELOW! It may not seem much to you, but for me, this is VICTORY!

Hopefully it will link to my blog and you will find this grab button after scrolling down for a bit. It should be located under my tag cloud on the right hand side. Also, when you hover your mouse over it, it will have a little description of what is included in my blog! (Fingers crossed…)



9 thoughts on “I created a Grab Button – AFTER TWO HOURS!

  1. I love your grab button and want to use it but there isn’t a special code displaying under it for me to copy and paste it into my blog. Do you have a code?? 🙂

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