33 Stages Of The Procrastination Virus

True story bro. Apart from replace the Kimmy Schmidt with Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead!

Thought Catalog

1. Check Facebook.

2. Check Twitter.

3. Check email.

4. Check all other forms of social media.

5. Hey! I wonder if anyone’s posted something new on Facebook.

6. Repeat steps 1-4.

7. Begin whatever you’re procrastinating on. Format the document, organize your study area, etc.

8. Wow! I’ve made progress; I’ll reward myself with one episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

9. Watch five episodes instead.

10. Oops. Okay, now I definitely need to get to work. God, I’m hungry. Can’t work on an empty stomach!

11. Hmmm I’m not really in the mood for anything I have here. Ooooohhhh but Indian food sounds so good.

12. Spend an hour perusing different Indian restaurants online before finally ordering.

13. Study your notes / write your paper / etc. while leaving 85% of your focus on your clock waiting for your delivery to arrive.

14. Food’s here! Can’t study while I…

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