STYLE INTERVIEW | What’s in your Gianni Conti handbag?

Judith Blatch, secretary and managing director of Sudbury’s department store Winch and Blatch, has an eye for quirkiness and practicality. I visit her and take a sneak peek inside her Ostrich Gianni Conti handbag.


Winch and Blatch is a family run independent department store comprising of four buildings and 11 departments, priding themselves on giving fantastic customer service and low prices.


Judith tells us more about the business:

“Evolved over the last 150 years, our store is based on a traditional drapers shop called CF Winch and was known to everyone as Winches. 70 years ago my father in law bought the Winch family out, so then named the new business Winch and Blatch. My husband is now the managing director of this business, and I joined 20 years ago to soon become the company’s secretary and marketing director.”









“My bag is an Ostrich Gianni Conti bag, made in Italy from Italian leather. I’ve chosen it because, well, it’s cute and chic! It’s nice to own an ostrich leather bag because I find them very fashionable and a quality fabric. This is also weatherproof, and you have an option to wear it on your shoulder for practicality.”



♥What’s in your handbag?♥



“This is my iPhone 5, which I obviously carry with me everywhere. It has a lovely picture background on the front which was taken by my daughter when she visited Hyde Park. You can’t beat a bright coral-pink case either!”


“These are my car keys to my red Mini Clubman Concept 5 door. This car has a double door at the back. Similar to my handbag, it’s small, cute and practical!”




“This is a nice little compact hairbrush and mirror. This makes it nice and easy to sort your hair and face at the same time. It comes from a little French Shop in Covent Garden called Pylones which is full of quirky accessories and gifts. They sell all sorts of little practical nick-nacks, which all have a pretty style to them which drew me in.”



“This is my trusty handbag holder. You know when you go somewhere and you don’t want to put your handbag on the floor because it’s grubby and revolting, well this is the time to use it! You just open it up, balance it on the table edge and hang your handbag on it. This is also a safe and secure device, as you know your bag is there – whereas if it was on the floor, someone could potentially grab it! These are also sold in our shop.”


“My Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick is an essential. Everyone has to own a Chanel lipstick! This one is called Boy – it’s a nice colour because it’s not too in your face and it can be for everyday wear.”



“These are my house keys, and on my door key there is a torch. When I come home late I can never see the keyhole as we have no street lights at all! So this is a great gadget with just enough light to unlock my front door.”




“This is my Joules pouch which I thought would be handy as a make up bag. We sell Joules merchandise both for men and women. This is the Joules iconic fabric pattern.”


“I love this green Ted Baker Ronnee Heart Purse. I chose it because it’s a bright colour, which means you don’t need to go fishing for it at the bottom of your bag as you can clearly see it standing out! There are lots of pockets and openings to fit plenty of things in!”

Thanks Judith!



Main store and Homewares –  22 King St, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2EH
The Fashion Gallery – 34-35 King St, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2EQ
Menswear – 29 Market Hill, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2EN


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