Update Extravaganza | Cape Town, Aussie Land, Pregnant best friend, etc etc etc…

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you’re scoffing your choccy eggs like I am! I don’t intend on going out this bank holiday – this is all about ME TIME and of course blogging time! I’m also up at 5:30am again for the breakfast shift so that’s another reason… Let’s talk about exciting and nice things!

I’ve just got out of the bath filled with LUSH products as usual. I’m wrapped in a towel and I had a sudden urge to say hello to you all because I haven’t written a post in quite a while!

FYI – I have another spa review to write up soon and I was one of the first journalists to try out all the facilities as it was a grand opening – so I cannot WAIT to share all of that with you! I also have a few new cosmetics and skincare products that I will plonk into a separate post too – otherwise this one will be FAR too long. 

QUICK AUSTRALIA UPDATE! – I have filled out and paid for my visa, as well as a deposit for my OzIntro tour week starting from 29th June! I will be living in Sydney with my uncle, aunt and cute little cousins too, how exciting! I am also overwhelmed by how quick it’ll come around. My flight will be around mid-June, so I can settle in with my Aussie family before I start the tour with a new bunch of friends! I’m looking forward to adding all of my experiences onto my travelog section. I still have no job to go to yet though…Best work on that…

– We are finally in the single digits people! Ohhhh yessss! There will be bungee jumping, great white shark diving, Boulders Beach with tame wild penguins, Cape of Good Hope and walking up to the top of Table Mountain – as well as BEAUTIFUL food and sunny surroundings. Much better than this shite weather that’s for sure!

I also have a Go Pro on the way for my early birthday present, so we can use it in Cape Town as well as when I go to the land of Auz.

table mountain

PREGNANT BEST FRIEND! – My best friend is due in 3 days! 3 DAYS! This has come around so fast and she doesn’t know the sex yet. I am so excited and incredibly overwhelmed by it all! I always used to think bad of all these pregnancies around me, but now that it’s happened to my one and only bestie, my perspective has started to change for the better! And yes I suppose I get broody every now and then, which I thought would NEVER happen to me… But I know for a fact that I’m nowhere NEAR ready yet! She has also moved into a lovely new home with her boyfriend and it has such wonderful rooms and lots of space for a new member of the family! I’m so proud of her x


I took a sneaky pic without her realising… For the memories!

FAMILY BIRTHDAYS! – This year has showed me how time flies by… 
Happy 21st to my younger Sister Lauren and Happy 50th to my wonderful (pain in the arse) Dad! We went to an al a carte restaurant I used to work at for Lauren’s birthday on the 1st April (yes she’s a fool!) and then had a BBQ for Dad the next day. This has always been a traditional and ‘manly’ thing to do, even if it was cold… The sun still came out to play though 🙂



  • Planning my year-long working holiday in Australia (Coming this June). There was a really funny moment whilst I was filling out my visa, when it asked “Have you ever killed anyone with your bare hands?” I mean, seriously?
  • Packing my suitcase (I secretly love packing and it makes me laugh how much men hate it!) Especially my Dad. He would happily just take one change of clothing and a toothbrush whereas Mum is like HOLY SHIT WE NEED EVERYTHING!
  • Daily holiday countdown eeeeeek!
  • This new book I’m reading – Elizabeth is Missing. It’s a haunting story about an old women with dementia who’s friend goes missing but no one believes her, therefore an unsettling story starts to unfold. I bought it because it was in the reading chart and thought ‘why not.’ I’ve only read the first two chapters so I can’t say much yet. I must say I do miss reading my most recent book – Bridget Jones, Mad about the boy. That was such a hilarious yet emotional read and I really think I am going to be like Bridget when I’m 50!
  • Oud Oasis yankee candle – this candle is AMAZING! Rich, seductive, warming and relaxing. This sets me into a blissful mood and really does help me unwind. It’s lit right now in my bedroom as I’m writing this!
  • Getting nostalgic again as I’ve started playing Crash Bash, which is the only Crash Bandicoot game I never got round to playing! And it’s much more fun playing it with friends! As well as the BRAND NEW Pokemon Alpha Sapphire game that I’m getting next week and I am buzzing to play it! Guaranteed you won’t hear from me for a while after I start getting into it… 
  • But don’t worry! As you will definitely be hearing from me after these two weeks in Cape Town! I’m half South-African and I’ve never been to this beautiful city – how bad is that?? 

Thankyou for reading! Let me know if you have any advice about travelling or you just want to share something you’re looking forward to – no matter how big or small! Get involved!

Stay positive, always.



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