SPA REVIEW | Weavers’ House Spa

Hidden amongst the colourful, crooked medieval buildings up Lavenham high street, lies the magnificent Weavers’ House Spa – a new and delightful extension of The Swan Hotel.

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The grand entrance – my photo

The brand new Weavers’ House offers top of the range facilities, boasting a luxurious relaxation area with six treatment rooms and two relaxation suites. It also contains a manicure and pedicure emporium, hot stone sauna, aromatic steam room and outdoor vitality pool. There is also a professional retail boutique where the expert consultants will advise on the latest Temple Spa beauty and well-being products to take home.

It was time for me to indulge in their new facilities and enjoy a Purification facial, followed by a delicious lunch in the Swan Hotel brassiere and get involved with the meet and greet press preview.

Weavers’ House officially opened on March 30, and I was lucky enough to try out the brand new spa the very next day! Teaming up with Temple Spa, Weavers’ House aims to offer an enchanting retreat for the senses, using the most divine and unique spa treatments in an intimate and tranquil space.

Spa Sauna and Steam Rooms D42R9455

Spa, sauna and steam rooms – Weavers’ credit

I was warmly welcomed by the managers and a few therapists, and was directed to the changing rooms. The lockers allowed you to make up your own code to access it, therefore no key was needed. I must say I have never felt a robe so soft, and would have happily purchased it to take home.


Pretty tea set – my photo


The relaxation lounge – my photo

The main spa is small and homely, with only a few steps between the sauna, steam room and relaxation suites. There was a beautiful outside area, which was too cold to explore, therefore unfortunately the vitality pool was closed.
I took a couple of hours to unwind in these rooms, and helped myself to a glass of iced water filled with oranges and lemons once I entered the spacious relaxation suite. Joanna, a friendly therapist offered me a herbal tea, in which I chose lemon and ginger for my digestion.

I happily put my feet up, and sunk into one of the sofas to read my magazine. I felt surrounded by total bliss, and the sun was shining strongly through the huge windows, which projected the calming cool colours of the furniture.
I was soon visited by my facial therapist, Abbie, who handed me the health, safety and preference forms to fill in. I was even asked if I preferred ‘quiet’ or ‘chatty’ during my treatment! I obviously chose quiet as I talk far too much and I just wanted to drift away into serenity.

 The Treatment


My Treatment Bed with the choice of RELAX, REVIVE or RESTORE stones – my photo

The facial that I selected was Purification – a 60 minute deep cleansing and relaxing treatment for oily, congested and blemish prone skin.

This treatment offered so much more than I predicted. I could choose my lighting, my music and temperature of the room! Before Abbie gave me some time to get ready, I was asked to pick one of the three individually labelled stones on the bed. The first one said RELAX, the second was REVIVE, and the third said RESTORE. The reason of these stones is so the correct products were chosen to match my preferences. I chose REVIVE as I felt rather lethargic that day and needed a boost in order to not fall asleep at the wheel!

I placed myself onto the bed, in which I felt a hydra-therm water mattress beneath the sheets. This was set to the heat of the average body temperature and it made me feel light as a feather as I sloshed about to make myself comfortable! This bed is good for people who are pregnant and don’t want to move as much, and the therapist can use this mattress to still be able to reach the areas of the customer’s back.

Abbie massaged and pulled my hands and feet to help me feel fully stretched out onto the bed, and then covered my eyes with a warm, scented flannel. She asked me to take a few deep breaths whilst I inhaled an essence called ‘Breath of Life‘ from the palm of her hands, which pleasantly smelt like Vicks. This opened up my airways to encourage easy breathing.

For the cleansing she used ‘In the Beginning’. This divine balm leaves skin hydrated and dewy, and it contains exfoliating beads that melt as you massage. It also contains liquorice, which tones down the redness. She then used ‘Be Gone’ combination cleansing lotion, which gently removes all traces of make up, grime and impurities.
Be Clear’ serum was applied before the moisturiser. This serum restores the PH balance and helps correct skin flaws, scarring and discolouration.

For the moisturising she used ‘Moisture Matte’ which have pellets in, they are like little cushions that work throughout the day and soak up any oils.

Power Breakfast’ is a nutritious scrub/mask containing oats and honey to give it consistency. It’s a healthy breakfast in a jar and she used it to exfoliate my skin.
Purification’ mask is a dark, thick tea tree mask, which was ideal to use for my pores. This definitely helped my oily and congested skin. Whilst the mask was doing its magic, Abbie placed cotton wool pads onto my eyes, along with ice cold stones which was a strange sensation, but it fully awakened and refreshed my eyes!

For the peace and relaxation, she sprayed some ‘Spiritude’, energising mist to help me feel revived.
The greatest thing about all of these products, is that the ingredients are locally sourced in my county of Suffolk!

Spa Changing Rooms D42R9377

Spa changing rooms – Weavers’ credit

After the treatment, she gave me a prescription sheet explaining the products she used and what she paid special attention to. She said my scalp was very stiff which is a sign of stress, and she noticed that I did not drink enough water. She said I had oily to combination skin and was told that I did not need to exfoliate daily as this causes more breakouts if the skin is producing too much sebum. I was told to only exfoliate and use face masks once or twice a week.

Once I was dressed and ready to leave the spa, I took a walk to The Swan’s delightfully bright, airy and traditional Brasserie. Even though the location is on a high street, I still felt like I escaped to the countryside with views of the hotel’s secluded gardens. I was spoilt for choice when it came to the menu, but I just had to feast on The Swan beef burger, with caramelised onions, salad, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese and fries – but there are plenty of lighter options to choose from. I was just very hungry that day!


The delicious Swan Beef Burger – my photo

The open fire was a perfect touch whilst I sat back and reflected on my day so far.


The Brasserie – My photo

General Manager Ingo Wiangke explains the unique factor of this spa: “Spa and wellness is very big these days, and we wanted to jump on the bandwagon to create something unique to The Swan and East Anglia.
We wanted it to be beauty treatment based with relaxation spaces and being sympathetic towards our surroundings, instead of all those memberships, large pools and gyms. A unique thing we do here is sell time; which is when you book your time slot for as little or as long as you want. Once you arrive, a therapist will listen to your needs, how you are feeling and what you need. Whether you’re anxious or you need a boost of confidence, you have treatments that are completely bespoke and tailored to you. All of our therapists are intensively trained to do every treatment, and to completely tune into the customer.”


The new sauna – My photo

I sat down with Liz Warom, co-founder of Temple Spa, and she spoke about how important it was to take some time out for your own wellbeing:
“Originally, visiting a spa was very much about going to places for the sick and needy or the incredibly elite, and I think we recognised that spas were going to become quite mainstream and part of everyday life. Spa is about me-time, valuing our time to rest, and finding out what we can do to make it more luxurious. This is where Temple Spa comes in. Technology is taking over our lives, and we need time to switch off. Our message to you is that you do matter. We call our spa visits a two-hour vacation – to take some time out from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

Spa Boutique and Manicure Area D42R9272

Spa Boutique – Weavers’ House credit

“We want to understand our customers’ lifestyles, the strains and stresses, and what we can do to fix those problems. Perhaps our customer is overstressed, pregnant, elderly, or simply in need of a detox. We want a place that isn’t intimidating, and we believe that everyone is an individual here. What makes us unique is that people can buy time here, so you can have a personal consultant to guide you towards the perfect treatment.”
At the end of my spa day, Natasha, a therapist at the reception who talked me through the sample products, gave me a lovely gift bag. I even purchased the Purification face mask that was used in my treatment because I just had to use it again.

The verdict:

The spa was clean, tranquil, homely and exquisite. I fell in love with the robe and the cozy blanket on the bed, and wanted to wrap myself in them throughout the rest of my visit! The treatment really did help melt away stress and ease any hidden tension. The combination of the gently purging facial and tingling scalp and neck massage left me feeling renewed, revitalised and positively purified.

Something different? Why not try the WAKE ME UP! Package?
You receive:

  • Breakfast which is served in the Brasserie prior to your spa experience
  • Power Breakfast Facial 30 mins – Includes a deep power cleanse, nutritious mask, lymph drainage and scalp massage.
  • Outer Glow 45 mins – This invigorating and refreshing all over treatment leaves the entire body feeling soft, revitalised and hydrated.
  • In Good Spirits Massage 30 mins – An invigorating massage designed to leave you full of vitality.
  • £125 Monday to Thursday, with full access to the spa for the duration of two hours.
Spa Vitality Pool Night time D42R9732

Spa Vitality Pool Night time – Weavers’ credit

My favourite product – Purification Deep Cleansing Face Mask. £22.purification_deep_cleansing_face_mask_for_dry_skin_temple_spa
“A vacuum cleaner for the skin. This is a superb rich face mask made from land and marine mud and natural extracts known for their dislike of blocked pores, blackheads and other irritating effects cased by oily skin. PURIFICATION has been specifically designed to tackle oily skin problems by keeping oil at bay and leaving the skin clean, cool and refreshed. Includes spatula.” – Temple Spa.

Purification treatment price: £65 for 60 minutes. Another option is the Power Breakfast Facial: £40 for 30 minutes.


Weavers’ House
The Swan Hotel
High Street
CO10 9QA


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