OZ UPDATE! Currently working on a dairy farm for cash and second year visa…

Hello all! I owe you a HUGE apology for not updating myself each time I arrive at a different place in AUSTRALIA!  
Since June, I have been having the time of my life in the land of Oz, meeting new friends, travelling down the East Coast, living it up in Sydney, and now trying to earn my SECOND YEAR VISA to stay here even longer.
I now have the Travel Bug, and it’s the greatest feeling EVER! I  aim to travel to Bali, New Zealand, America and Japan! But perhaps I should get Oz out of the way first…

I have just been mega busy taking it all in! I have SO much to share with you it’s unreal.

But for now, I’m just letting you know that I am currently working at a Dairy Farm near Adelaide – South Australia, milking thousands of cows, and getting covered in shit. I’m pretty much used to that now, and the warm milk straight from a cows udder tastes pretty good…

 I need money, as my $6000 AUD went within 2 months – that’s because of the East Coast journey which was absolutely incredible with countless memories to share. (Stay tuned)

I’m going to be living here for three months, until the 88 working days are over. That means my second year VISA will be signed off and I can get the hell outta here and continue my travels!

I’m living at the (very basic but not so bad) unit apartment for backpackers. It’s like a mini village in the middle of nowhere for all the colleagues. There are animals everywhere – dogs, cats, tame sheep that think they’re dogs, horses and plenty of colourful wild birds.

 The countryside view is stunning, and a great place to go for a run. However there’s absolutely nothing to do here, which is a good think as I’m trying to save lots of money. At least there’s a pool table and a Playstation 2 with plenty of games at the unit, I’m pleased there’s even a TV at this place!

proud of this panoramic!

I’m currently living with my new travel companion Lee, a Scottish guy I met when I arrived at Sydney during the 7 day OZIntro Tour. This is where you meet a group of other British people who have also caught the travel bug! This is like an introduction to Australia, where you take daily excursions and become a true tourist!

The next big town with a modern shopping mall is a 40 minute drive away, and Adelaide is an hour 30, but a car has been provided for us backpackers so it’s quite nice to be able to drive again for a while!

Anyway! My life has been rather exciting up until now. But once this farmwork is out of the way, then the journey continues! I guess this is a good time to actually write some blog posts and reflect on everything I’ve done so far!

 There are plenty of photos up on my Instagram@westallhead

Feel free to comment below if you have any hints and tips or if you want to ask me anything!

Lots of love!

Amy Lee x


2 thoughts on “OZ UPDATE! Currently working on a dairy farm for cash and second year visa…

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  2. Hi 🙂
    Apologies you’ve probably had this asked a number of times before- but I’m struggling looking for dairy farm work at the moment and wondered if you could recommend the place where you did yours?
    Thanks a lot,

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