From English to Australian.. Brief update whilst working on Dairy Farm


I nearly ran over two wild kangaroos yesterday morning. Like that’s just a normal thing.

And I automatically say ‘dollars’ or ‘bucks’ now instead of ‘pounds’ or ‘quid’.

And the lawns all around us are getting cut because of the casual snake season.

And I’m getting so used to living and working on a farm, that I’m super excited about driving to an actual city (Adelaide) and going to the actual movies and going out to an actual restaurant!!

And there’s a pink lake opposite where we live because of the red algae. (Between Tailem Bend and Meningie. Not that anyone knows where that is as we are in the middle of nowhere. Our Unit address doesn’t even exist on Google Maps.)

And I’m so used to being surrounded by cow shit that I could lay down and make Poo Angels and not give a damn.

And I’ve now seen a cow give birth to a dead calf.. Along with a dying sick cow that made me cry, and I’m also becoming more of a quad bike pro each time I ride it to get over a thousand cows in for milking.. At 4am. I’ve just done 7 shifts straight with my travel partner.

Starting to become more Australian the longer I stay here 😎 but I still don’t understand their football yet..🌏🏈

Amy Lee x


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