Onto my SECOND travel journal..

Seriously guys, I have SO much to share with you it’s unbelievable. I am now onto my SECOND journal and I have barely shared one ounce of my journey Down Under with my fellow bloggers!

I bought this cute little number from Kikki K. A stationary shop I discovered whilst being here. It has adorable little inspiring messages inside, as well as pretty watercolour designs. If you like Paperchase, you’ll LOVE Kikki K.

I haven’t shared much online because I am indeed working on a farm, with no wifi, and just my iPhone to use. I left my MacBook in Sydney (my uncles) as I knew there was no point in taking it.

However, I wish I could have at least typed up drafts on my laptop in order to share them with you the minute I receive wifi! Oh well, it’s all written down on paper, ready to go… It seems like such effort typing everything up on an iPhone – plus my thumbs would kill! 

So! Coming up will be – 

  • Travelling down the East Coast – The greatest last minute decision I ever made.
  • OzIntro Tour, a 7 day long introduction to Australia with fellow backpackers, and visits to the highlights of Sydney.
  • Farm life – (what I’m currently doing) in order to grab my second year Working Holiday Visa.
  • Hints and Tips about being a backpacker. 

etc etc etc…! 

Below is my first journal I bought back in the UK from good old Paperchase. As well as a little sneak peek inside! 📖

 Much love to all and will talk very very soon! Amy Lee -x- 


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