Guess who just got a job at LUSH…!


After all these years of being a HUGE fan of Lush Cosmetics, I can happily say that I’ve managed to grab a full time Christmas temp job at the Digital Packing Factory in Villawood Sydney!


When I found out I had the job. Ignore the chins. When I get excited the chins come out…and that makes me look fat.

It’s an hour and a half train journey but when you’re this much of a Lush fan, it becomes a journey worth doing. Besides! I found out every other colleague has to travel this far to the factory.

This big black warehouse is chocka block with every single Lush product you can think of, including all the Christmas items that are simply divine! It also feels so much better going home covered in glitter and smelling like the shop, which is a familiar scent everyone knows, instead of going home covered in cow shit attracting flies.

I didn’t realise how spread out the factory was! Downstairs is the manufacturing department, where they actually make the products from scratch! It was like a room full of cosmetic wizards with their magic cauldron, creating new and exciting inventions.

The offices and staff lunch rooms are upstairs, decorated with lush ethical posters, the lunch room even has a ping pong table and air hockey!

I honestly feel like a little Christmas elf, as our job involves picking and packing all the mail orders ready for delivery.

It’s like working behind the scenes, as I’m not interacting with customers or working at the stores, as they already hired Christmas temps in September – in which I was too busy milking God damn cows to apply.

It makes a nice change however, as I’ve been serving customers for the last ten years so this is far more laid back.

Even though the job itself may sound boring to some, I find it fun grabbing the online order forms and collecting the correct items from the shelves, automatically smelling them, and getting ideas on what I want to get with my 50% staff discount!

Oh yes, I will definitely end up owning the whole shop by the end of my three month contract. It was sweet receiving a welcome pack from the managers, including an apron, a lush coffee flask and a lush water bottle. All with the cool logos! I really did feel like part of the team.

I reckon I would hate this job it if I wasn’t passionate about the items I was collecting however… If it weren’t for the pretty products, it would be dull as hell.

Another thing I enjoy is prepping more items near the end of the shift once the delivery man comes to pick up the huge bulk of orders we packed.

This means we open brand new boxes of fresh items, check for damage, and simply stock up for the next day. And do you know what happens to wastage? They become FREEBIES, as well as going to other stores for samples of course… It’s like Christmas has come early this year!

We also make cute little samples to pack into the deliveries, as well as little random acts of kindness, where even more stuff is thrown into randomly chosen packages – because we’re nice like that!

My contract finishes at the end of January, which means I can continue my Australia journey with a few more bucks.

I’m thinking either Melbourne or Darwin, as I’ve already done the East Coast! Bali is also on my list. Basically the WHOLE WORLD is on my list…

And yes, I know full well I STILL need to write about my Oz journey so far, I just don’t know where to start! Best open my journal and convert it from paper to screen…!

Speak soon and lots of love from the elf herself –

Amy Lee x


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