Travel | My last week in Sydney before jetting off again! | Australia

Highlights this week include: An unexpected dramatic send off from my job at Lush, sweating buckets at Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Park, a girly road trip to Palm Beach, and Catmosphere Cat Cafe! Yes, drinking coffee surrounded by actual cats!

So! As I’m jetting off to the beautiful BALI tomorrow and getting my travel shoes back on again, I think it’s time to update you on my last week in Sydney after living here since November!

Final day at Lush Cosmetics:
So, after three months of being a happy employee for Lush Cosmetics as a Digital Fulfilment assistant – (picking and packing online orders), it was time for me to sadly leave! However, my last day didn’t go as smoothly as expected…!

There was a HUGE destructive rain storm which flooded the Lush warehouse offices upstairs – so all computers were drenched from the heavy rain falling through the collapsing ceiling panels!

All of a sudden our section downstairs was also beginning to flood! We were on a mission to save the bath bombs in all the cardboard boxes from the outer edges of the warehouse, otherwise there would be a foam fest and bye bye products!

Before we knew it, we were being evacuated from the building as we physically couldn’t get back to work. So that was a very quick shift, lasting just a few hours!
I was sad about this, as I wanted to take some nice photos of us in the workplace next to all the products.

We just about managed to find a train home, as a few signal boxes were destroyed from the many flashes of lightning! We had to catch an uber to a station that was more central because our train line was down and we were stranded!

I must say, from an English person’s point of view, the storm was still pretty exciting…
I also had to remove an adult huntsman spider from one of the boxes so that was also an achievement because I was brave enough to step up and get rid of it!

Well – at least I’ll always remember my last day working for my most favourite company in the whole wide world!

So fare thee well my Lushie friends!
I’m genuinely sad to leave and I will miss Disney sing-a-longs, coming home covered in glitter instead of cow shit, the cheeky discounts, and the magical scents! I hope to work for the company again in the future!



SkyZone Trampoline Park – Alexandria
So anyway, on the same bloody day it was time to get ready for my little leaving party at Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Park! Because I’m a big kid and it’s far better than typically have a night out on the town like most people do. I’ve done that enough times I think – I wanted to do something different and more memorable!

It was like trampoline heaven, including the fun addition of disco lights and a DJ on Friday nights. (Luckily my last day fell on a Friday!)
There were hundreds of ridiculously springy trampolines placed flat as well as tilted along the edges – so you could bounce here there and everywhere!
There were trampolines leading to cube foam pits so we could show off with our flips and somersault ‘skills’, and you ended up sinking so deep into the foam that it felt like quick sand! That was a workout in itself trying to get out of them…

There was also a dodgeball section, in which we ended up playing far too many competitive games! It was so much fun whacking the other players as hard as you could whilst bouncing everywhere to avoid the balls! We were desperately standing in front of the gigantic fans after that, as we were sweating buckets. Oh well, at least it was a great way to workout!

We were there for three hours, so we must have burnt about 3 billion calories. (I wish!)
The chillout cafe was my favourite part, as there was lots of air con. That was a moment of bliss whilst gulping down my purchased peach iced tea because I think I was dying.

I had the time of my life and I’m glad I finally managed to find the time to go, as I’ve been wanting to experience this trampoline park for a while. However, I slightly injured my foot in the process when I landed in a weird position mid-bouncing. Resulting in not being able to walk on my foot for a day – my body also felt like it was beaten up by a mob. But in the end, it was all worth it!


Palm Beach, AKA Home and Away Territory
On a wonderful sunny Sunday, I joined a few girlfriends on a road trip to Palm Beach. You now have to yell it in a happy American accent – ‘ROADDD TRIPPPPP!!!! Thank you.

One of the girls hired a lovely shiny white Toyota Corolla rom Hertz car hire at Sydney airport, and we ended up all accidentally wearing black so we felt rather glamorous!

After the comfortable 40 minute drive there, (the kind of comfortable where you feel like you’re going to crash because of overly sensitive brakes), we found a nice parking spot right opposite the beach. We made our way to a cafe first for some lunch, and I also looked at some nice bikinis which cost around $80, resulting in me rapidly walking in the opposite direction. 

Now, I don’t watch Home and Away, but apparently this is the famous beach in which the Ozzy TV soap is filmed. Obviously I could feel the celebrity presence…
The beach was stunning, and not too crowded (like Bondi)! Clean golden yellow sand, surfers gliding through perfect waves, clear blue sea and some fantastic holiday homes (or actual homes?!) scattered around the nearby green hills.

The waves were high, but not dangerous or full of scary rips that drag you under. So it was fun body surfing and diving through them! It was incredibly refreshing after topping up the tan.

We soon decided to take a walk up to some pretty rock formations and a lagoon which was separate from the beach but was still level with the sea and used the same water. I guess it was a nice safe place for family with younger children to avoid any stingers. 
I was in my element once I felt a flat rock and sat cross-legged on it whilst looking out at the horizon, taking it all in and appreciating where I was. I do that a lot…

After a bit more chillout time and another walk along the beach, it was time to take a little drive towards a bushwalk to Barrenjoey Lighthouse. 
This lighthouse stands at Barrenjoey Head at Palm Beach. Built in 1881, this heritage lighthouse is an iconic Sydney attraction because of it’s magnificent views from the top of the walk – so it had to be done! 

The pathway was extremely steep, but still pretty – and we were go glad we battled through, as it only took around 2o minutes and the end result was magnificent. 
Many many photos were taken at this point as you can imagine, and I was so glad to share it with a few amazing friends I’ve made whilst being in Sydney. 
I had another moment of pure contentment and nearly got emotional because of how utterly happy and free I felt. I will always cherish those moments of peace.
Once we came back down, we took a drive to Newport to a healthy fresh pizza place called La Dolce Pizza. I’ve never tasted anything like it! All the pizza was made fresh in front of you, with all natural ingredients and no preservatives and flash baked within 10 minutes! I had a healthy pumpkin, feta and spinach pizza and it was mouth-wateringly tasty!
Here’s a photo just to make you hungry…
What a successful day it was! Apart from one of the girls losing her sunglasses in the waves and breaking one of her flip-flops AKA thongs. Still – a very memorable girly day!  


Catmosphere Space C
at Cafe – Surry Hills

Well I must say, this experience was a little different, in a very good way – and I now feel like a crazy cat lady!

How it works: You receive a complimentary coffee of your choice, which is made in the quirky cafe section downstairs. However, you were mostly there to spend time with cats, not enjoy a cafe atmosphere as such.But there are also countless amounts of cafes in the city anyway!
You are then sent upstairs to the cat room where there are approx. 12 cats roaming around, depending on how many are adopted. There is also a separate room where you book a 30 minute slot with very young kittens.

We booked our hour long slot for 11am, as that would mean some cats would be more active. 2-3pm are the quiet slots where most of the cats are sleeping. Still – people find it soothing being surrounded by snoozing kitties.
On entering the room we noticed how spotless the room was, with plenty of hidden places for the cats.

The ‘catstronaughts’ as they were called, had plenty of food and water, music in the background and a very relaxed atmosphere created for the human interaction, as well as comfort for the cats. Plenty of photos and funny selfies were taken, and there were amusing cat books placed on a few tables for some extra entertainment.

I was impressed with the loving care towards these friendly cats, as well as the room being spotless and us being asked to use hand sanitiser upon entering and exiting.

I have no doubt that these former rescue kitties will be in the best of care. The room is set up beautifully with cat trees, lots of hiding holes, shelving, bedding and couches where you will be joined by a feline friend or two.
Also – there was an option to do Cat Yoga on Thursday evenings! Damn, why didn’t I know that sooner? 
All in all, this was an enjoyable and unique way to enjoy your coffee! Tea and hot chocolate is also available, as well as soft drinks.



Moment of appreciation:

So, as a few people may already know, it’s been a tough old road for me between November and December, trying to pick myself up from a holiday breakup that ended up lasting six months. 
But after much healing, making new friends, receiving heaps of support from travel buddies, colleagues, and people back home, I’m now more than ready to set off again! 
I have gone from the pure darkness of heartbreak that appeared so unexpectedly, to true happiness and contentment, all in a scale of three months, on the otherside of the planet away from comforts! 

Words can’t describe how proud I am of myself, as I nearly gave up and went back to the UK, but then thought – ‘what would that achieve?’
Now I feel stronger than ever, smiling a genuine smile and appreciating the lucky escape. 
I’m back on my own path again without any unnecessary baggage, and making time for the people who matter the most.
Bali, I’m coming for you. Followed by Melbourne from Feb 15th!



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