About Amy

Welcome to chaos.


God knows how many times I’ve edited this *about me* page. But who cares! I doubt anyone would read this bit anyway. Unless you seriously do want to know about me. If so, then, um, hello!

I’m a bit overwhelmed with life. Hence why I have to jot my brain into a blog because I enjoy sharing thoughts and experiences to the world. Sometimes that can be quite scary, and I still have to filter myself which is rather irritating. I have a brand new career starting this year which is nothing to do with my Journalism path anymore, and this new job will seriously affect what I can say on here.
Nevertheless – I’ve had this blog for far too long, so I’m not going anywhere!

I love yoga, reading, travelling, mindfulness and wellbeing. I get inspired by many, so I wish to inspire others too. I don’t want to look back at myself when I’m older and think “wow Amy, what have you actually done in your life?” I’m anxious, I want to do so much at once, so sometimes, I do need to take a step back, be present, and just *breathe.*

I’m also a Pokemon geek, like, seriously. And I enjoy the occasional Netflix series like Breaking Bad, 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things, even the awesome Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. I could go on…



Hope you enjoy my blog folks, and feel free to join me on my journey towards whatever the hell it is I’m aiming for.



(All opinions are entirely my own. This is a personal blog.)


7 thoughts on “About Amy

  1. Prospective employers asking for experience ? I feel you ! Add to it the stress of being in twenties. And they said teenage years are the toughest..
    Nice blog you have here !

    • No, thank YOU for the follow! You’re blog is incredible! I NEED some inspiration from you to keep me going. I’m so confused about how to have posts on display on my home page, as well as them being tagged into one of my pages on the side. Don’t suppose you could help me could you? (I know how it works on Tumblr, now I need to know how to do it on wordpress!) Basically similar to how you have your festivals page etc, would you be able to see that on ‘Festivals’ as well as your ‘Home’ section? Sorry if that sounds complicated… xx

      • Aww thanks hun πŸ™‚ means a lot! Umm I just wrote mine as a page and didn’t do anything with tagging posts so I’m afraid I’ll be no help – I’ve just tried and searching festivals only comes up with tagged posts – not the page. Perhaps the help pages might have a suggestion? Sorry I’m not very good at all this stuff! Let me know how you get on xxx

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