About Amy

Yay you found me! Welcome!

10351146_10153771364086093_6050118421904725839_nI’m Amy Lee – living life in my twenties and completely clueless on the outcome of my future self!
I am sure many of you can relate to this, as I have come across plenty of twenty-somethings who all of a sudden realise the world is their oyster – I don’t know about you but I find real life quite overwhelming!

*And as you can probably guess, I am currently travelling around Australia, as well as recently visiting Bali and Hawaii! I have officially caught the travel bug and I’ve been Down Under since June 2015! I really do have so much to share with you…*

Going back a few years : In 2009, I managed to escape my little town along the coast of Essex, to live in South West London at Roehampton University for three years. This is when I magically became a Journalism and Film BA Hons graduate in September 2012. (I say magically, because it feels like one big blur. My University days went far too quickly and sometimes I wonder, ‘did that really happen?’)

In 2013, I started working as an Apprentice Reporter part time for The East Anglian Daily Times and Ipswich Star. After a year, my contract ended with the paper so I could move on to the Suffolk Glossy Lifestyle Magazine which is just across the room! It was a very open office with different sections… After working amongst this company for two years, I now feel a sense of relief that I have finally stepped foot onto the journalism career path.

It wasn’t easy finding a journalism job after graduation. It took me nearly a year to even get anywhere, as most companies were asking me for recent experience – which meant nobody was actually giving me any! It’s a vicious circle…

I have also spent most of my life in the hospitality industry, since the age of 14 to be exact! This has helped me gain confidence and huge charisma when it comes to communicating with all different kinds of people, and then by the time I reached 24, I knew I was ready to go travelling alone!

Now – I don’t know whether this is a flaw or an asset, but I have too many interests! So I have a feeling it will become quite difficult to try and narrow down what this blog will focus on, but right now I’m just going with the flow! Things you will mostly see on here are:

  • Reviews on many bits and bobs from travel destinations and food, to cosmetics and fun experiences.
  • Personal diary entries if something was worth writing about that day!
  • Inspirations
  • Wellbeing
  • Tips on lifestyle in general… This would mostly be me just giving out my own advice but storing it on here to look back on.

More miscellaneous things about me and what/who I love: Spa days – Perfectionist – Lion King fanatic – Pokemon master – Strawberry Milkshakes – Anxious – Stagecoach theatre school pupil – Lush Cosmetics – Wanderlust – Getting into a good book – Cupcakes – Lady Gaga – New Girl – The Walking Dead – Breaking Bad – Made in Chelsea – Reviewer – Curious – Half British/Half South African – All Music (From Chart to Rock) – Foodie – Grade 5 Pianist – Slightly Dramatic. Maybe a lot.


Hope you enjoy my blog folks, and feel free to join me on my journey towards true happiness, contentment, life experiences and self discovery.



(All opinions are entirely my own. This is a personal blog.)


7 thoughts on “About Amy

  1. Prospective employers asking for experience ? I feel you ! Add to it the stress of being in twenties. And they said teenage years are the toughest..
    Nice blog you have here !

    • No, thank YOU for the follow! You’re blog is incredible! I NEED some inspiration from you to keep me going. I’m so confused about how to have posts on display on my home page, as well as them being tagged into one of my pages on the side. Don’t suppose you could help me could you? (I know how it works on Tumblr, now I need to know how to do it on wordpress!) Basically similar to how you have your festivals page etc, would you be able to see that on ‘Festivals’ as well as your ‘Home’ section? Sorry if that sounds complicated… xx

      • Aww thanks hun 🙂 means a lot! Umm I just wrote mine as a page and didn’t do anything with tagging posts so I’m afraid I’ll be no help – I’ve just tried and searching festivals only comes up with tagged posts – not the page. Perhaps the help pages might have a suggestion? Sorry I’m not very good at all this stuff! Let me know how you get on xxx

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