Being an Amateur Journalist…

QUOTESo at this moment in life I haven’t really got a set clue on what I want to specialise in when it comes to Journalism…However, a few of my favourite categories are Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel, Food, Reviews, Wellbeing, Escapism and Life Experiences. Politics is not really my thing as it’s so depressing…

My HUGE ambitions in journalism are to become an Anchor, a radio/TV presenter, an Editor for a beauty/wellbeing/fashion mag or a columnist/enthusiast in travel/cosmetics. This is wishful thinking but you have to set goals after all! If anyone has any advice or known schemes on how I can get into broadcast then please let me know!

(My other ambition is to be a famous actor or singer with my trusty piano/keyboard but let’s not get into that riff raff…)

I’m travelling to Australia in 2015 for a year or perhaps longer, and my HUGE wish would be to get a job as a UK Girl working in Oz and updating videos or a column in a popular journalism publication! Imagine getting paid to travel around Oz and give an Englishwoman’s point of view? I’m sure it will give Australia a big ego!

I graduated in 2012 with a BA Joint Hons in Journalism & News media combined with Film. That was three years at Roehampton University I will never forget!img_1544

For a year or so now, I have worked part time for two regional Suffolk newspapers called The East Anglian Daily Times & The Ipswich Star. Followed by experience as a Feature Writer for Suffolk Magazine. I have written charity/people/wellbeing articles, food, spa, festival band reviews along with local news and events in many subject fields. I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience as it has pulled my journalistic brain back into gear.

I wasn’t easy to get my foot in the door, it still took me two years to actually get somewhere. So to anyone who is still looking for a job in journalism, just keep going. Nothing gets handed to you on a plate anymore, and even though I am a graduate, I’m still not a full time journalist. To people who don’t have a degree – in all fairness, you don’t actually need one – there are other diplomas you can do without the huge debt!

So just keep going guys… Don’t throw the towel in.dreams

I’m a very open person and I’m happy to share my stories and articles – hence why I created this blog! So I hope you can join me on this journey of self-discovery.




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